Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Like That.

What do you do when newspapers die?

I spent 5 minutes at the paper guys tapri. Looked at all the mags, the tabloids, the Tinkles and Champaks. And then I walked away. Nothing out there is worth sniggering over anymore.

JLT's gone. They shut-down or whatever.
Anyone who's known me since class 9 will also know that I worship JLT and have always nursed a thinly veiled "secret" ambition to someday be , ahem, a JLT writer. Except that of course, they no longer print it. Sigh.

JLT was the zenith of cool when it came to papers. They were eons ahead of the other lame-o mags, and believed firmly in paper quality, awesome posters and brilliant writing. oh, and at one point of time, you could buy it for 2 bucks.

This feels like an obit now. Anyone who wants a peek into its awesomeness- the Potty thoughts section(for briliant thoughts that somehow strike you only in the potty), The Mon, Vahista Mistry, those poems like:
I must, I must.
I must increase my bust.
The bigger, the better,
The tighter the sweater,
The boys will look at us.
and a thousand other things- is free to dig into my JLT collection :)

Every article was like this. Weird, funny, irreverant, blah. The covered Bomaby, college, clothes, music, food, games, anything under the sun. And I miss it so damn much :| Idiots had to go away, just like that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday morning :)

Sunday night
Haruki Murakami's Wind up bird chronicle
Dark windows.
Long movies.
Faint morning light.
Hazy corridors.
Wet grass.
Green. Sleepy green
Chirping crickets.
Cold stone bench.
Half moon right overhead.
Pale sky blue.
Three blackbirds.
Eyes wide open.
Pink. Bits of it.
Slithery noise in the grass.
Warm socks.
Red, red roses.
This is the best Monday of my life.

Marry, boff, kill

I'm bored. Let'splay Marry, Boff, Kill :)
Its one of the awesomer things that 30 Rock shoved into my life. the other notable mentions being Tina Fey(goddess of snarky wit) and Alec Baldwin(that voice. ooh).

Here's how we do this:
1. Three people. Celebrities,friends,weirdos, any damn human under the sun.
2.Pick who you'd marry, boff(as in nail/have sex with/get jiggy with/do the nasty with. you get the drift) or kill.
3.Dissect the results :)

Ok, here goes, Marry, boff, kill : Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant.
I'd marry Hugh Laurie (supreme hotness), boff Hugh Jackman ( henceforth known as The Body) and kill Grant (too foppish. eeks)

Or: Angelina Jolie, Scarlett, Megan Fox
Kill megan(yuck. i hate her), boff Scarlett and marry Angelina.

MBK. random fun. Pick and tell. Fast. I'm still bored.