Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blue frog

Can't take Bombay out of the girl, eh?

Chal, sordid confessions on this much neglected blog. I just spent an hour stalking Ashish Shakya's blog (and then, well, him). Why did I not know about him yet? Dude can write.
Apparently there is a place called Blue Frog that seems to be very happening in Bombay and thus I must go there in December. We have a stand up comedy scene now it seems (glory hallelujah, I predicted this years and years ago). Who can tell me more ?

I cannot believe I am missing all this. In my sappy adolescent years, I think two coherent sentences in English were enough to pause all activity and give the guy speaking them a good look over. Remember those intense passionate crushes of that time and age? Mine were men whose names I had only ever seen in print, followed by satisfying lines of awesomeness. All these JLT influenced loves (RIP, my beloved paper I still miss you), Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and so many others. They are still our there. OMG :) :) Fangirl screams.

I guess I am reduced to second and third hand versions of everything till I finally descend down there in December.