Friday, August 14, 2009

Blue milk

Milk is awesome when its blue.

Aggie's recipe for Blue Milk:
1. Take one mug of milk
2. Add to it the complete contents of a large packet of Gems.
3.Stir. The Gems will leak their fuzzy colours into the milk. And if there were a large number of blue gems to start of with, Voila, blue milk.
4. Mash the remaining chocolate shells.
5.Slurp. Repeat.

Boredom does various things to you.

There are approximately a billion admit related things to do. Guess who's sitting pretty and not doing them :)

Independence day tomorrow. I like the flag hoisting followed by dull speeches and customary pedas. And the tiny paper flags. Its like a case of displaced nostalgia.

Blood donation camp tomorrow too and I don't qualify :( the awesome things in life have sputtered out and died. All that remains is Stephen King and Pearls before swine.

Damn, i finally ran out of things to blog about.