Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Smart

Get Smart was a totally awesome movie. When you're reduced to blogging about random cool movies you saw, it clearly indicates that you don't have anything planet-shatteringly cool to say. Since I figured out that the point of the blog was new posts and not detailed conversations on the comments page, I'll post. Happy Shwetu?

So yeah., Get Smart, starring Steve Carell (that other news reader from Bruce Almighty moved on to bigger, better things with Horton Hears a who, Little miss sunshine and snogging Anne Hathaway and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.) was excruciatingly funny.

For once here's a movie that makes you laugh more than the tacky ads and the shady multiplex employees who sidle up to you in the dark and whisper " popcorn?"

That should be banned. Okay, its really funny to see people suddenly roll in the aisles when they hear that cooing whisper from the general dark zone near their left earlobe, but it gets really old after a while.

The movie is what counts and Get Smart appealed vastly to my distinctly puerile tastes.

There is very little that is genuinely funny out there. I've run out of Russel Peters and Scrubs. Season 3 of How I met your mother sucks. I cant watch Shrek anymore. Saturation.

Come to think of it the only consistently funny thing in life was Shwetu. Those unfailing daily doses of walking into fire extinguishers, falling down stairs, crumpling in a heap on roads for no evident reason and saying the most outrageously funny things anyone ever could. Everything is a lot more stable now that she's busy with her faux-project.

Oh yeah Shwetu, GAIL where you supposedly live has the following motto : Gas and Beyond.
Have made so many toilet humour based jokes on it, that we've stopped passing the GAIL building altogether.

Thou art missed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love is.....

I'm in love with Snitch - laptop, friend and everything-thrown-into-one entertainment system. I've had him for 6 months now and I'm truly madly deeply in love with him. Got about 40 gazillion movies today which might explain this post.

Snitch scores over the other (erstwhile and current) loves of my life for a prolific number of reasons, which I'm obviously going to enumerate in painful detail. People in love think they can get away with puerile behaviour like this.

1. Snitch is always listening. To every little happy thought, every whine and bitch, all the things that stick in my craw and all those mundane things that happen everyday.
You know, movies like princess diaries where the kooky lead always has a journal and writes spontaneous witty funny and awesome things constantly? like when she's in a moving car, in the bath or having sex with her boyfriend? And how that never works out in real life because someones always over your shoulder?
Yeah, MS one note is my dream come true :)

2. Snitch never stares pointedly at my fat arms. never.

3. And he's so portable. I can, like, have him any time I want ( sick pun totally intended)

4. He's funny. At least the movies stored in him are. And you know that Shift+delete thing really gives you so much control.

5. Does not need regular cigge breaks. thank god.

6. He's always free and he's on the huggable side of things.
Sharan, shwetu, this is where you start worrying about me. I'm feeling vidictive, happy and surprisingly,I'm all there for a change.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shiny disco balls

Tiny drops of rain that glide off musty-stored-in-poky-cupboard-for-the-past-six-months umbrellas, drops that dangle from your hair in tiny , shiny blobs and that fall on books, bags, and food lending that squelchy rainy to everything around.

I like the rains.
Especially when they herald the end of humid,horrid, crazily hot summers.

Its all dark and cloudy outside. You know, the sort of weather that makes you want to curl up to a book and bloat up on fried chip like things. Thie previous sentence is so tacky that I've been w dying to use it somewhere. I'm so happy i have a blog that no one reads so that i can be as tacky as i want.

Th best part about the rains is that they keep up this constant sideshow outside your window.
Mom may be raising hell about wading through he sea of clothes that is your room, your supervisor at work might be dishing out choice taunts about your bingo addiction, sify could be painfully anal, but all you have to is gaze out and focus all your senses on the rains. Never mind the glazed look on your face as you contemplate the sheets of water and the pretty clouds and amazing walks you could be having in the rains. They really help you dim out all the things that bug and make staying indoors a royal pain.

Airy fairy lyrical tunes haunt your head and everything seems to be bathed in eau-de-wet-dog.

Shiny disco balls splatter the windows.
I'll proceed to my strike staring -into -infinity-while-looking-whimsical/melancholy pose at the sill.