Thursday, October 7, 2010

La Douleur Exquise

You know what it feels like.

Eeeeeks, I'm just about suppressing the urge to write down Skyrocket Love's semi-emo'ish lyrics out here. Thank god the inner cynic has affected some quality control by killing the whiny child in me.

It's winter here :) Is it just me or does winter smell a certain way, because that's what's making my prodigious nose very happy.

Oh, and coffee just does not taste the same here. I recommend that you'd be better off carrying your body weight in Nescafe before you land here so that when painful withdrawal symptoms hit you at 3 am before midsems/assignments, it's not your body that lies withering in spasms on the carpet.

Spams of writing are better than nothing at all, right?
It's weird to move to a whole new country with no foreseeable options to return home. Grad school sucks you into it's complex, frustrating and incredibly challenging maw, till lack of sleep, thought and hey-let's-chill-this-weekend are bygone conclusions. Before you know it, you'd have spent 5 years here, hopping countries and continents. The only constant you could hope for is Friday night's

Shwetu, I repeat, I'll never ever mock you about your science library days.

Yeah, so a new country, a new list of things to fall in love with. new cities to sink roots into,especially when you are a distinctly rootless thing to begin with. From being a confused Goan-Mallu-Dig-Bombay blend to here is a puzzling journey.

Oops, over my head :)

Oh, and it is humanly possible to miss pani-puri more than your parents. Testified by Aggie.

I'm going to Universal Studio's this weekend :D And New York in December! :D

"An increase in population leads to fluctuations and social competitiveness for resources and then stuff dies"

- Johns Lewis
in some random class.

PS. I'm sick of missing you. Sick.