Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So yeah, two months is a long hiatus. I'm torn between boredom and re-reading the Simoqin Prophecies. For those who are unaware of the latter, take a large, violent cat and have her tear your ignorant brains out. I don't understand how Chetan Bhagat can become a literary sensation and leave Samit Basu a mere, like-who??

I love the Game World trilogy for its cool mad edginess and its innumerable references to everything from Indian mythology to James Bond. In fact I love this book so much, I've stolen it from Suchi. Jai ho may make us feel all kitschy-Indian,but for me nothing matched the thrill of reading an Indian author who's writing is in the league of the best fantasy fiction out there.

On the whole, i'm an Indian-hence-I-will-wake-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-to-gape-at-red-carpet-glamor-as-i-nurse-my-morning-chai, I missed the bandwagon entirely. Woke up at 12 which is brunch and Courage the Cowardly dog time. Rahman = Respect. Cant say the same about Slumdog.

I found post-it Matrix notes :) at this amazing new stationery store called Mango. People looked flabbergasted as I mewled and moaned in happiness. Next birthday, swamp me over with pretty post-it notes,okay?? It takes my compulsive list making to a whole new level.