Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Anime is beyond me :(
I dont get the graphics and lets not even get started on the story line.
I feel stupid.
Shwetu, you listening?

Monday, December 10, 2007

To Sharan

Happy Birthday :)
Lucky you..

Friday, December 7, 2007

Muchi's birthday :)

This post is dedicated to Shewtu and Sharan. BURN!!!!!

7 dec goes down in history as the day that gave us Suchismita Mohapatra and her hair. While I can wax eloquent on the former and she on the latter, this post will stick to events that transpired yesterday on her 19th birthday. Which you guys missed :)

Was supposed to "surprise" her at 4 with cake and make myself scarce in 10 mins . God laughs loudest when He schedules an exam for us the day after our birthday.Though you guys need'nt have worried, Suchi did'nt study a word for the 5 hours I was there..

Lugged a card , Samit Basu's Simoquin Prophecies(her's), a Carl Hiaasen(for her) and the cat who lived high(mine).Was constantly stared at in the train. Dark glasses should be made mandatory for some individuals.

Was her first gift of the day :)We chomped through the cake, expostulated on the virtues of her white shirt(which now has tiny almost scrubbed out choco stains)and sat around talking for the next five hours(note that magical figure)

Stayed for the pineapple-cake-cutting-with-assorted-building-children ritual.
Other stuff that happened:
1. Pari called :)
2. Got my result and moped about it for a good 15mins and barely spoke to pari
3. Had noodles and chicken for dinner.
4. Suchi got clothes for gifts.
5. Nishu should have been there. Andheri is too far away :(

Got back home at 9:30. Suchi got a decent birthday. I got cake.
The world is a a happy place.
Both of you were missed.
Must stop. My jaw muscles ache from all the smiling and gloating.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm gonna soak up the sun-so NOT!!!

Sheryl Crowe's dreamy vocals on a brilliant song..Soak up the sun is one of those happy pick me ups on a very non-sunbeamy-and-hence-sad days.
The sun is what I've been advised to shy away from if I want Dry Eczema to curl up and die leaving me thankfully scarless.
Today's avoid the sun artillery comprised of full sleeved black tee shirt, skinny jeans and supremely ugly and uncomfortable loafers :(
Describing my wardrobe on the-blog-that-noone-reads tells you(real or imaginary) that this sun thingy is bothering me and will die out in approximately 11 hours.

Sheesh, I've turned into one of those whiny losers who write crap stuff that happened every day. My day was good/bad/ugly.. whine.. whine.. my bum's too big.. wwhhhiinnnnnneeeeeee... my dog has urine incontinence.. bbaaaaaaaaaawllllll.. well you get the drift. Your stupid day, your stupid life; who gives???

Neurosis aside, this blog shall henceforth be obscure and persnickety.not a word about my day or my current emotional state or my big bum :)
You can breathe

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Apple Pie

They make it scary when they call it things like travel journals. It should be changed to something singularly non-threatening. Apple pie maybe. Appealing with hopelessly low expectations.

Here's my apple pie based on hastily typed out "notes" taken on my cell phone:

1)All shops selling alcohol were tiny, poky and had the same green sign that said Wine Shop. And had men in veshtis hobnobbing around it. If the common factor were only the shady looking men it wouldn't have been as striking as that weird signboard.

2)Saw a xerox shop named Ditto Reproduction. Hee hee.

3)Spend a long day trudging up and down Spencer's Plaza with Vatti. Consumed 4 cookies from Cookie Man. Its that magical cookies-fresh-from-the-oven smell that does it. The double chocolate chip lingers particularly sweet in my dough laced memories.

4)Met God too. if Kaushik Ramu doesn't watch out they'll make him a brand.

5)Dee Dee,Seetha,Sanjay, Sairam, Anushree and me walked for 45 mins from the IIT gates to Tidal park. KFC sort of made up for any anti-Seetha vibes we were experiencing.
5)The auto drivers there are barmy .Case in point being the guy who took us from station to Virugambakam stopping at 4 places to full air in the tyres and then racing a fellow barmy auto driver

I miss Chennai. And Dee Dee, Navanith, Cookie Man.

Apple Pie terminated

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nothing happened today

Nothing happened today.
Hours spent in front of Blinky and Firebolt don't count.
Family will go ape shit at this rate.
Bonding with Stephen King.
There's a reason why people don't read this blog(and leave their enlightening comments).Its a lame blog where nothing really seems to happen(yeah OK reassure me and all now).
Why is brilliance an unattainable ideal?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Karma Chameleon

Mommie I owe thee one. For fluffy omelette's and dal-roti
And yeah, a little more than that too.

Navi Mumbai again. Sems just whizz past so bloody fast. Skimming the surface of your frazzled brain, making you wonder about lessons learnt(and unlearnt), food eaten (and puked), spiders killed(and insects given mouth-to-mouth), insane muscle ripping screaming laughter (and painful heart clenching stabs of doubt ,pain, fear and guilt)
Shit a whole sem's over. Terminated. Someone messed up with space-time, by the looks of it.
I want closure on III sem. This is it I guess

Very little studying, very little food, too many tears( they weren't even mine to hurt so much) and yeah those painful giggles that come straight from your gut and leave you wheezing for an hour.

To Dharini and Veera who've shared this wacky sem. Will miss stumbling into their rooms and dissecting vital issues like PMS, men who live in cupboards(and yes,men who'd like to), dieting tips and the sluttier individuals of the female species.Miss the girly bonding. And playing zara zara in class at full volume(hee hee Kadoo. Don't tell me we didn't live a little this sem.). Three consecutive days of choco-ball dinners. Walking for an hour in beautiful pollution-scented, smoke-tinted November rain. Bike rides. Jiving, cigarette smoke, rum-and-raisin Temptations, no space for new messages. Abusing Nescafe and Rupa.
Kisses, cuddles and random happy sun beams :)

Hedonistic, abstract,crazy and fun.

Closure, baby

Chennai was fun, btw. Vatti rocked, so did Shaastra and Ash. And God is still rocking something, somewhere. Talk about making an impression.

Khichidi, potato papad and buttermilk for dinner. I'm a happy kid. Mommie loves me.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Veni Vidi Virugambakam

Chennai again :) Gleefully happy to go back 3 months after a totally random trip to a fun city. Fun despite the heat, the crazy traffic and all the Tamil jabbering that hits you like a physical force.
This time around Shaastra'07 is the excuse( as opposed to the I-need-a-holiday-and-you-never-let-me-go-alone crap I fed mum and dad last time). Looking forward to meeting Vatti( will bug his brains endlessly) Aashraya(moron get your phone fixed and He-man( ?).
The focus as always will be on food. Normal food. Not cooked in the mess and hence edible type of food.
Life is looking brighter and happier. Assuming I'm done packing. Must move ass.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Theobromine can be used to synthesise caffeine. Thus spake our OrgSyn prof with suitable squiggly benzene rings and catalysts.
Finally the object of my affections had a name, a structure and a non stop monologue about " commercial importance "
Coffee keeps me alive. Caffeine keeps me going.
Between 4 hour long Physical and general metallurgy practicals. At 1 in the morning with 45 pgs of pages of inorganic chem tech to go. With project reports and journals to write/copy
5 sems of engg are built on a delicate structure having double bonds and a CH3 group.
Engg sucks.
We bow down to thee o tiny brown beans!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big gods and little ones

My country is all about irony. The sort that makes you shake your head a wee bit and smirk at issues that are big enough to make your head pound
We as a nation collectively suck at dealing with things that stick in our craw. Apathy is what we breathe in . Indifference is seeped into our melamine tinted pores.
Irony helps.

Like watching a man pee a clear stream onto a dirty red-streaked wall. Which bears the following advertisment" Boond Boond mien sammaye yeh ehsaas"

Jesus wept.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chow time

Mum suspects the only reason I bother coming home is food. She's halfway there ( She forgot Blinky and Firebolt-TV and Comp respectively who are closer to me than my sister. Jen and I have blood in common, Blinky, Firebolt and me have entwined souls)

Bitching about hostel "food" is my area of expertise. I can (and have) whine about it for days at a stretch. In college I live on a staple diet of Baggry's Muesli(currently, Honey flavour rules) Parle G and water. Hostel equals instant weight loss

Home on the other hand is all about breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day. Throw in tea time snacks too.

Fat cells start piling on the instant I spot my apartment.Really.

My MustEat list is half done. 3 days more of pigging out :) Going back with food for deprived people at the hostel.

Love is fleetingly abstract, friends drift apart, books get eaten up by tiny worms, good people die and your favourite jeans get ripped in the wrong places. Butter Chicken is forever.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I want.

I'm in lust with the new Titan Aviator series.Gimmie

Me Casa

I'm home....

A little disoriented, very happy and faint thoughts of college stuck to the back of my mind.
Vidharba Express, Nagpur to Mumbai was miraculously average . Weird bunch of people as usual. Saccharine sweet lady who asked me to swap my upper berth within the first five minutes.. Yeah, right, sucker. Descend to the lower realms and bug my brains listening to farty middle aged people around. As if.

Case in point: Bald obnoxious Gujju guy who droned on and on like a dying Luna about " yeh young generation" with covert glances thrown at me since I happened to be the only person below 40 around them. Them being
a) Diabetes inducing lady and her chunky faced boyfriend / husband who were very much in LOVE and had an incredible urge to prove it to the rest of us by holding hands and giggling non stop.

b) Dull auntyji with various aches and pains and her equally dull husband. Within five minutes they'd told us about their married daughter and their jamai and how they were going to "Bambai" for the first time to see them

c) Bald Gujju guy with an opinion on everything from beti ki shaddi(" yeh sab baatien jaldi ho jaaye toh acha hai". Yeah you chauvanistic neanderthal loser) to zameen ka daam(Don't ask. People were actually listening to the loser)

d)Two businessmen types who kept gaping at my eye. I know I look like Morticia Addams on a bad day but there is something called civility.

Things were redeemed by One Hundred years of solitude. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is The One.

Got up at 6 in the morning after a vague,freezingly cold,broken night and stumbled towards dad at thane station.

Multiple series of shocks on reaching home. New car mall opening up, my building's being painted a new quirky colour, coffee shops still alive and there's been a dramatic increase in the stray cat population.

Home coming rituals followed: Casting dewy eyed looks at the TV, opening biscuit tins, touching all my books and seeing Harry's grave.
Home's perfect.

Morning's been a long lazy Sunday. Coffee, Sunday times and calls to everyone at college. Nagpur's so far away. Won't whine about not seeing Dharini, Oly, Veera, Navanith, Niranjan and Das for a week. I can go for pages that way...
I'm so glad I came home. Never realised I'd missed it so much in the first place. 4 days of movies, food and long lukkha hours with Natu and Suchi.

Friday is years away :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whose waistline is it anyway?

Mine( maybe Shwetu's too). And it is causing me much grief. It’s strangely expansive and ballooning features make me throw poisonous death rays at McChicken with fries (and then consume it anyways)

I am now officially worried. Oh, make that Worried.

4 months of consuming assorted versions of crap in the hostel mess had left me completely defenseless in the face of gastronomic delicacies such as Chicken nuggets, malai sandwiches , payasam,

And of course Chocolate cake

This entry might as well be an ode to the common chocolate cake which fills me and my bloated tummy with a sublime ,unparalleled feeling of contentment and bliss. For our first ever joint culinary experiment Shweta and I selected Pilsbury Choco cake to grace the menu ( which after much agonizing and confused deliberation included Chinese noodles and lemonade)

The saga of the most exquisite cake ever created can be divided into three easy to make steps(according to Pilsbury):

Step 1. Snip milk packet and figure out a fifth of the volume .Mix with 2tbps of oil and all the choco powder from the packet.Whip, stir, eye the resulting mixture appreciatively and try to keep equally appreciative fingers from making forays into the mixing bowl. Grease another bowl and sprinkle flour on it. Our flour obstinately refused to sprinkle choosing to settle in moldy clumps

Step 2. Pour an inch of water in the cooker and steam for 30 agonizing minutes.

Step3. Lift the lid and keep on flame for five minutes.This death defying stunt was performed by Shweta at the cost of a painful burn on her palm and dirty looks thrown her mom.

All this was followed by gorging on hot cake. Turned out beautifully considering the individuals pioneering the project. It tasted even better after spending a few unheckeled hours in the fridge.

Our masterpiece drew varied reactions from family members.Chief amongst these are:

Abhishek: The one who loveth-the-whole- world-and-all-in-it took exception by declaring “yuck! Its smelly” (Its not. NOT. Chocolate has only one smell and that is nice)

Jenny: Is that fungus? (Pointing to the clumps of flour tenaciously adhering to the bottom of the cake). She ate it anyways

Shwetu’s mom: Pretty good first time effort.

My Dad: *Happy excited grin on first spotting chocolate cake* “what’s next?”

Damn, wished I'd saved a bit for the people back at driving school.Could have been the only thing between me and a definite fail grade....