Friday, December 19, 2008

I like to move it :D

They're back and how!!!

I was reeling from the shock of the sheer magnitude of awesomeness that is Madagascar, Back to Africa. Its of those sequels that manages to go one up on the first one
Its cleanly displaced The Incredibles as my favourite animated movie of all time.

Apart from being incredibly funny, Madagascar has some pretty amazing characters and their quirkiness stays with you for a long tome.
Here are my selected favourite bits from the movie:

1. Mafia monkeys *Snort, giggle*
2. The dancing girl and Skipper. The ending was one of the best wedding scenes in the history of cinema.
3. Gloria and Melman. Yay! Reinforcing the point that love is blind and batty. Suddenly its cool to love way out of your own species. And that lame sentence "we don't fit?" Try fitting a giraffe and a rhino together.
4. When the penguins carjack the tourist vehicle. Slick!!!
5. Nana who got the crap pounded out of her, and of course gave it right back Its horribly, excruciatingly funny.
6.Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien. We all like to move it now!!
7. Moto Moto. yeah baby, you were Hot Hot!

McDonald's is giving out Madagascar toys with Happy Meals. Since no force on Earth can make me consume one, I'm woefully toyless. While children are capering around with Alex, Melman, Marty and Gloria in their hands. There was one weak moment when I caught sight of an unattended Alex toy. But the kid's sharp pointy eyes prevailed. I'm toy less :(

Please eat those gruesome Happy Meals and give me your toys. Please!

Pretty please. *picture the classic Aggie puppy dog look here*

I'll reimburse. Pinky swear.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bithday spate!!!

Happy Birthday Sharan :D
I'm pleasantly shocked that I dint make a huge boo-boo by forgetting (again?)

Here's to thine awesomeness. Have a blast !

Sharan verb

to pull off an an act of very cool and near impossible proportions.

example: I sharaned off to the mall to see Salman Rushdie. He signed a book for me :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sexy Back

"I'm bringing sexy back "
-Justin Timberlake.

And so is Muchi. Tirelessly striving to bring Sexy back. With a bang( I don't know where these sad puns are coming from. Its not intentional okay?) When sexy is a dying art, limited to pointless clothes, weird accents and booty shaking, Muchi is redefining it every minute.

Muchi seems to breeze through life, vaguely serene and laid back even as her lungs are trying to eject themselves out through her nostrils and into the tiny hankies she always has on her person.
Her permanently leaky nose, hair that can blind people and a tiny cellphone that she magically conjures from the middle of nowhere are some traits by which mere mortals identify her.

4 years of constant exposure to her made me realize the whole stunning extent of her awesomeness.

Muchi is dreamy, funny and her scathing Muchi-isms(collected through the ages) make me collapse all the time. She has of course aged horridly much since her birthday yesterday and this post is to keep her happy :)

Random Muchi-isms:

1." How do you expect me to sort through all that t effervescent crap?" referring to my GRE folder.

2 "Hmmm... so 20, Maggi. But you look like 7 years younger and I look 2 years older. We are practically mother and child." on of course turning 20(God, spare me the horror)

3. "Its hard to speak to someone for that long when your not banging them"
after my legendary 2 hour phone conversation with Natu.

4. "Faggy remembered??? Maggi get back with him na. "

5. "Oh, Dick-lits!! "
the masculine version of chick-lit referring to educational *cough*prOn*cough* literature for males.

6. "Yes, your Royal Ass-Holiness!!"
to an irritating sub humanoid person who was bugging us.

Muchi complements my innate immaturity with doses of her brand of madness. She is sagacious where I am chronically lost.
Happy Birthday Muchi.

Thou art reinventing sexy everyday :D