Thursday, December 11, 2014

Excuse me while I kiss this guy

Mondegreen. That is what this is. When Jimi Hendrix wanted to "kiss the sky" in Purple Haze, I kept wondering which guy.
Mondegreens are when the brain interprets something completely differently from what it actually is. Like me and my insecure lot apparently do when we hear perfectly normal things and misrepresent them in our chaotic brains. Ah, woe is me. Why must these trust issues be saddled to my back.


You may not escape the birthday post. Crossing barriers of geography and the 10,000 years since I last saw you, I'm sending love, unicorns, wishes, all that good stuff.
Happy Birthday :)


I met Shwetu recently. Yes, after two years of sheer cowardice, I saw her in person for further demonstrations of said cowardice. We did the usual giggling and talking, stuck and home and walking around. Gone are the days when our mother's wondered if we were fighting, since we were being so quiet *cough*lame*cough*. It is a low point in one's life when your own mother finds you vaguely uncool. Meeting her was a blessed relief.

I did not meet her friends. They now have a completely wrong picture of the both of us being melodramatic and highly strung. This just goes to show that one day, pigs will fly.

What! I hear both of you gasping. Two posts in one day? Is everything okay, Aggie?
Yep, going swimmingly :)

Muchi, thy day has come and gone

Just when you thought I'd done the unspeakable by forgetting the birthday post, here it is. In all it's PDA glory, causing the two readers of this blog to wince and look away. I WILL NOT give up the birthday post. Not even when we are 80 and Alzheimer's has made me forget who Muchi really is. Even then, my clawed fingers will type some gibberish and you will bloody read it.

This year, traditions were broken. By that great disappointer, namely, me. To make up for not calling her two hours before The Day of Days, I am sending another one of my inexpensive and unique gifts of love. As they say, the best things in life are free, etc.

This year, Suchi's birthday was meticulously planned on a whatsapp group which made me feel hopelessly sad that I couldn't be there in person. How many birthday's have we spent apart now? Why? Stupid geography. Every year, plans are floated for New Orleans, Wizarding World of Harry Potter etc and then these plans go die at the same place where my other sock often disappears. In a void.

Happy birthday muchi :) You and your hair probably blinded a few virginal boys. Or maybe they were blinded anyway by that other thing that virginal boys do copiously. Hahaha, I will now laugh at my own jokes on this lonely blog :)