Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm gonna soak up the sun-so NOT!!!

Sheryl Crowe's dreamy vocals on a brilliant song..Soak up the sun is one of those happy pick me ups on a very non-sunbeamy-and-hence-sad days.
The sun is what I've been advised to shy away from if I want Dry Eczema to curl up and die leaving me thankfully scarless.
Today's avoid the sun artillery comprised of full sleeved black tee shirt, skinny jeans and supremely ugly and uncomfortable loafers :(
Describing my wardrobe on the-blog-that-noone-reads tells you(real or imaginary) that this sun thingy is bothering me and will die out in approximately 11 hours.

Sheesh, I've turned into one of those whiny losers who write crap stuff that happened every day. My day was good/bad/ugly.. whine.. whine.. my bum's too big.. wwhhhiinnnnnneeeeeee... my dog has urine incontinence.. bbaaaaaaaaaawllllll.. well you get the drift. Your stupid day, your stupid life; who gives???

Neurosis aside, this blog shall henceforth be obscure and persnickety.not a word about my day or my current emotional state or my big bum :)
You can breathe

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Apple Pie

They make it scary when they call it things like travel journals. It should be changed to something singularly non-threatening. Apple pie maybe. Appealing with hopelessly low expectations.

Here's my apple pie based on hastily typed out "notes" taken on my cell phone:

1)All shops selling alcohol were tiny, poky and had the same green sign that said Wine Shop. And had men in veshtis hobnobbing around it. If the common factor were only the shady looking men it wouldn't have been as striking as that weird signboard.

2)Saw a xerox shop named Ditto Reproduction. Hee hee.

3)Spend a long day trudging up and down Spencer's Plaza with Vatti. Consumed 4 cookies from Cookie Man. Its that magical cookies-fresh-from-the-oven smell that does it. The double chocolate chip lingers particularly sweet in my dough laced memories.

4)Met God too. if Kaushik Ramu doesn't watch out they'll make him a brand.

5)Dee Dee,Seetha,Sanjay, Sairam, Anushree and me walked for 45 mins from the IIT gates to Tidal park. KFC sort of made up for any anti-Seetha vibes we were experiencing.
5)The auto drivers there are barmy .Case in point being the guy who took us from station to Virugambakam stopping at 4 places to full air in the tyres and then racing a fellow barmy auto driver

I miss Chennai. And Dee Dee, Navanith, Cookie Man.

Apple Pie terminated

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nothing happened today

Nothing happened today.
Hours spent in front of Blinky and Firebolt don't count.
Family will go ape shit at this rate.
Bonding with Stephen King.
There's a reason why people don't read this blog(and leave their enlightening comments).Its a lame blog where nothing really seems to happen(yeah OK reassure me and all now).
Why is brilliance an unattainable ideal?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Karma Chameleon

Mommie I owe thee one. For fluffy omelette's and dal-roti
And yeah, a little more than that too.

Navi Mumbai again. Sems just whizz past so bloody fast. Skimming the surface of your frazzled brain, making you wonder about lessons learnt(and unlearnt), food eaten (and puked), spiders killed(and insects given mouth-to-mouth), insane muscle ripping screaming laughter (and painful heart clenching stabs of doubt ,pain, fear and guilt)
Shit a whole sem's over. Terminated. Someone messed up with space-time, by the looks of it.
I want closure on III sem. This is it I guess

Very little studying, very little food, too many tears( they weren't even mine to hurt so much) and yeah those painful giggles that come straight from your gut and leave you wheezing for an hour.

To Dharini and Veera who've shared this wacky sem. Will miss stumbling into their rooms and dissecting vital issues like PMS, men who live in cupboards(and yes,men who'd like to), dieting tips and the sluttier individuals of the female species.Miss the girly bonding. And playing zara zara in class at full volume(hee hee Kadoo. Don't tell me we didn't live a little this sem.). Three consecutive days of choco-ball dinners. Walking for an hour in beautiful pollution-scented, smoke-tinted November rain. Bike rides. Jiving, cigarette smoke, rum-and-raisin Temptations, no space for new messages. Abusing Nescafe and Rupa.
Kisses, cuddles and random happy sun beams :)

Hedonistic, abstract,crazy and fun.

Closure, baby

Chennai was fun, btw. Vatti rocked, so did Shaastra and Ash. And God is still rocking something, somewhere. Talk about making an impression.

Khichidi, potato papad and buttermilk for dinner. I'm a happy kid. Mommie loves me.