Sunday, September 30, 2007

Veni Vidi Virugambakam

Chennai again :) Gleefully happy to go back 3 months after a totally random trip to a fun city. Fun despite the heat, the crazy traffic and all the Tamil jabbering that hits you like a physical force.
This time around Shaastra'07 is the excuse( as opposed to the I-need-a-holiday-and-you-never-let-me-go-alone crap I fed mum and dad last time). Looking forward to meeting Vatti( will bug his brains endlessly) Aashraya(moron get your phone fixed and He-man( ?).
The focus as always will be on food. Normal food. Not cooked in the mess and hence edible type of food.
Life is looking brighter and happier. Assuming I'm done packing. Must move ass.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Theobromine can be used to synthesise caffeine. Thus spake our OrgSyn prof with suitable squiggly benzene rings and catalysts.
Finally the object of my affections had a name, a structure and a non stop monologue about " commercial importance "
Coffee keeps me alive. Caffeine keeps me going.
Between 4 hour long Physical and general metallurgy practicals. At 1 in the morning with 45 pgs of pages of inorganic chem tech to go. With project reports and journals to write/copy
5 sems of engg are built on a delicate structure having double bonds and a CH3 group.
Engg sucks.
We bow down to thee o tiny brown beans!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big gods and little ones

My country is all about irony. The sort that makes you shake your head a wee bit and smirk at issues that are big enough to make your head pound
We as a nation collectively suck at dealing with things that stick in our craw. Apathy is what we breathe in . Indifference is seeped into our melamine tinted pores.
Irony helps.

Like watching a man pee a clear stream onto a dirty red-streaked wall. Which bears the following advertisment" Boond Boond mien sammaye yeh ehsaas"

Jesus wept.