Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big yellow taxi

You know those days when a song gets stuck in your head and a line goes on ad infinitum? yeah, its that kinda day. Big yellow taxi by the Counting Crows
" Dont it always seem to go,
that you dont know what you got,
till its gone,
they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

through with a week and half of college. I feel old. Being in third year is not for the likes of someone who is mentally 13 and cannot deal with first years looking at her with barely suppresed apprehension.
Everything about the hostel is so fricking wrong this year. An in-time of 8:30 , no shorts in the mess and of course the same food which they apparently cooked and stored over the summer.
I'm living in medival times.

Saw a really pretty glowy green insect in my food today.

Oh, Happy Birhtday Harry Potter. I gave out free chocolates toady. Shewtu, i know thou art proud. Have a very harry day.

People here are all pumped up about "Friendship's day" i think they still play Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in select theatres in Nagpur.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I dint know about Life, the Universe and a little red dot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
why dint I know? I will slaughter the three of you and sell the detritus to buy expensive books. How did I miss this. Explain. NOW!!!!!
okay.tagged. the third summer of the sisterhood was handy.
God is subtle but not malicious- Albert Einstein
The ferocity was back on Valia's face, and it was more ferocious than ever.
They were due in the hospital again. this time for the double whammy of blood teating for Valia's kidneys and physical therapy for her knees.

I'm going back to colleg; after two and a half months of food and bumming around, its back to no food and bumming around. Sigh!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've always been unduly inspired by Bridget Jones. I'm not in my thirties, or in and out of failed relationships, or a semi- alcoholic with a nicotine addiction. But there is something about Bridget J, albeit a little old and forgotten now , but I fell hard for her floozy-woozy charms, when I first read her diary. Here's mine, Bridget style.

1 st July, 12 pm

Weight: must not think about!
tang units: 3, Chocolate twists: 1 (big one at that), number of unsuitable men in head: 1

Mum's birthday today. Must arrange for cake in pineapple flavour which she likes. Will be strong and not give in to meaningless chocolate cravings that will only settle in region of cement block like thighs.
Saw self critically in mirror today. Resulted in severe need to down one's misery in Chocolate twirls. Suchi mailed Twilight. Eyes are screaming in protest. Have read enough to require two sets of replacement eyes.

Doing the usual at home. Must try to look at least slightly concerned when Jenny is cleaning whole house as I lie prone on the sofa for hours at a stretch. Maybe cleaning will make thighs less pillar like. Hmmm....

Have resolved not to:
1.Waste money on random things like shiny headsets and eye wateringly bright .
2. Talk to people about random things like resembling red riding hood and forget to mention important things like fee details.
3. Drink lesser quantities of tang in short stretches and rest eyes. ha.
5. mail Shweta.

Must go now. feel thirsty. Can feel Tang calling out to self.