Friday, February 8, 2008

Chicken run

Lent and bird flu at the same time. Pretty much ensures that chicken remains a a distant gastronomic experience for the next 40 days. My overwhelming chicken lust died a very tame death over the past few weeks. I'm in shock. Butter chicken dosen't turn me on anymore :( No imminent plans of selling my soul for its shimmery fake red charms.

Oh yeah and I'm back. Home sickness hit a year and half late. Nagpur was jarring my nerves which have healed pretty well under a chocolate, warm blankie, food layered haze of home. College was weird this time around and I went through it like a zombie. Not just random sulking, try like a month of constant pms-ing.
Home is healing :)

This blog is dying. One needs to resurrect it (a thing that i keep thinking and fantasizing about but will never actually get down to doing.)

Will stop this pointless post now. Have better thingies to do.

1 comment:

Nomadica said...

AGGIE BLOGGED! *almost rolls over like dog-in-mud with joy* You're home???? How long are you here??? O and are you a vegetarian now???

Blog wont die. Not as long as you post. Honestly Ag, YOu just have to post. You dont need added charms like shoutboxes or anime :)