Monday, December 8, 2008

Sexy Back

"I'm bringing sexy back "
-Justin Timberlake.

And so is Muchi. Tirelessly striving to bring Sexy back. With a bang( I don't know where these sad puns are coming from. Its not intentional okay?) When sexy is a dying art, limited to pointless clothes, weird accents and booty shaking, Muchi is redefining it every minute.

Muchi seems to breeze through life, vaguely serene and laid back even as her lungs are trying to eject themselves out through her nostrils and into the tiny hankies she always has on her person.
Her permanently leaky nose, hair that can blind people and a tiny cellphone that she magically conjures from the middle of nowhere are some traits by which mere mortals identify her.

4 years of constant exposure to her made me realize the whole stunning extent of her awesomeness.

Muchi is dreamy, funny and her scathing Muchi-isms(collected through the ages) make me collapse all the time. She has of course aged horridly much since her birthday yesterday and this post is to keep her happy :)

Random Muchi-isms:

1." How do you expect me to sort through all that t effervescent crap?" referring to my GRE folder.

2 "Hmmm... so 20, Maggi. But you look like 7 years younger and I look 2 years older. We are practically mother and child." on of course turning 20(God, spare me the horror)

3. "Its hard to speak to someone for that long when your not banging them"
after my legendary 2 hour phone conversation with Natu.

4. "Faggy remembered??? Maggi get back with him na. "

5. "Oh, Dick-lits!! "
the masculine version of chick-lit referring to educational *cough*prOn*cough* literature for males.

6. "Yes, your Royal Ass-Holiness!!"
to an irritating sub humanoid person who was bugging us.

Muchi complements my innate immaturity with doses of her brand of madness. She is sagacious where I am chronically lost.
Happy Birthday Muchi.

Thou art reinventing sexy everyday :D


Sharanya said...

DICK LITS! Good God, Ag, you should record these things! Awesomeness, she is :D :D

Blue~Flame said...

Mag, what can i say?
Leaky eyes for a change.
And oh just to add to them, sharan is "dyslexing" cloud atlas! Yes, berate!
And, oh! i'm so glad we get to spend these 15 days constantly with each other just like old days, 12 hours at a go!
Just like heaven!

Aggie M said...

Cloud Atlas. Ive given up Sharan.
Sitting at Axiom right now. Missing thee incredibly much.
Like, duh!
screw exams. come here muchi.

Blue~Flame said...

wish i cud. wish i cud. wish i cud.
but wtf, m comin tmrw!!