Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To the moon and back

Savage Garden is very dead. Its been years since thousands of teeny-boppers have recovered from the shock of a very gay Darren Hayes and whoever that other guy was. People can barely name more than three numbers they came out with. But this song somehow makes me drift off into another happy dimension altogether.

I'm back home. For a week-long breather. Currently spending time appreciating concepts like full length mirrors, water pressure in the shower and 40,000 awesome smelling shampoos/lotions belonging to mom and sis.

IIT Madras beckons; summer internships being a mandatory trial-by-fire for any engineering yuppie.

Chennai will be as awfully hot and sticky as home, with lab work and GRE to add to my ever increasing list of things-I-should-be-very-concerned-about-but-always-fail-to-generate-sufficient-depth-of-feeling-for.
I'm wondering is apathy has become a defining character trait.

IIT M from what I remember from an earlier sojourn was mind-blowingly brilliant. Green, deer-infested and a subsidised CCD. I'll live and prosper :)


Blue~Flame said...

uh well.

Sharanya said...

WHAT? You're going BACK in a week? WTF?!

Aggie M said...

@ Suchi: Yeah.

@ Sharan : EXACTLY!! WTF?
I'm not done being a couch potato yet.
The TV needs me.sigh.