Friday, August 14, 2009

Blue milk

Milk is awesome when its blue.

Aggie's recipe for Blue Milk:
1. Take one mug of milk
2. Add to it the complete contents of a large packet of Gems.
3.Stir. The Gems will leak their fuzzy colours into the milk. And if there were a large number of blue gems to start of with, Voila, blue milk.
4. Mash the remaining chocolate shells.
5.Slurp. Repeat.

Boredom does various things to you.

There are approximately a billion admit related things to do. Guess who's sitting pretty and not doing them :)

Independence day tomorrow. I like the flag hoisting followed by dull speeches and customary pedas. And the tiny paper flags. Its like a case of displaced nostalgia.

Blood donation camp tomorrow too and I don't qualify :( the awesome things in life have sputtered out and died. All that remains is Stephen King and Pearls before swine.

Damn, i finally ran out of things to blog about.


William Deng-Deng K. said...

Man! Boredom does do (does do?) various things to u. Add coffee and Drinking Chocolate. How 'bout that? !
Double slurp.

My laptop is giving out electric shocks. :| How weird is that? !

Independence day! Should have been on a weekday though.

Yu noe wuman? Yu menshan PBS een blog. Dhat beeyond awesome. Mee got no vords.


Sharanya said...

I can;t believe I didn't think of that. And the only thing I do at home all day long is eat Gems.

One day, I want to come to your blog and not be amazed/awed/tickled to death by laughter.

Or, or, maybe I do.

Aggie M said...

@ Deng: boredom and me. we walk these dull roads trying to slaughter each other.
these blue milk days are when i win :)
PBS is the redeeming factor in life. though now I've added Vapor Sunday and your bike to the list.
Shocks :) snazzy.
I-Day :) it rules, though a weekday would have made it cooler still.

@ Sharan: o ailing one, thy blog is now the staple of my discerning friends here :)
See, i choose them wisely. they know awesomeness!
I'd ahte my blog if it missed weirdness and funny stuff.
let that day not dawn!!

DeeKay said...

Blue milk...OH MY GOD. Remember your previous gems?!?... I shall jog your memory (regarding ur different tastes ) just in case...
1. Chapatti dough
2. wet biscuits
3. the AWESOME dinner we had at Yo china.
to name a few.

SSD said...

Pearls before swine rocks. Read there online updated versions. Best thing to keep you busy in the office.

Puneet said...

Your posts are fun.. You just got another follower ma'am :)

Dharini said...

i got to have some of the blue milk. complete with mashed gems. :P to u suckers who didn't get any.

Shweta said...

write write write.