Friday, November 6, 2009

The Other Nihillist

" I wanna free fall out into nothing
Gonna leave this world for awhile
And I'm free.
Free falling"
- Tom Petty
Free Falling

My head is currently compartmentalising :)

I love winter. Its clamminess and its smells. Its warm, flab-masking jackets. Hot coffee on a cold night. I love all of this to itty-bitty pieces.
I liked Spirited Away. It was so dreamy. Like you accidentally stumbled into someone's life and then started living it. They should make movies like this and kill whoever made Ugly Truth.
Cant write anymore. My mojo's gone. I stared at the words Statement of Purpose for multiple hours and came up with great shiny gobs of nothing. Why do they make us do things that are hopelessly irrelevant?

I have a job now. This is a weird feeling. Someone heard me talk and then seemed eager to have me work with/for them. What? How? Huh?
Oh and the weird bit is that I feel coldly neutral.This changes not one tiny atom in my increasingly meandering sort of life.

Not dealing with problems apparently does not make them go away. I'm appalled. My entire approach towards life is sadly flawed.

Its been that sort of week. You know, the kind when each day is staggeringly worse than the last. When invisible fingers are being flipped at you from the sky and your knees are about to grind themselves into nothingness after 6 hours kneeling in front of a topo glass and 4 flights in cramped seats.

I think nihilism might be the answer. None of this matters right now and the rest is all crap anyway. I think I get the Platypus of Doom on this one. Be careful what you wish for. On the off chance that you end up getting it and then wondering why the fuck was it so important in the first place.

Yeah so the week that was: a job interview, Muchi, three days without my phone, Muchi, 40,000 assignments(i swear im not kidding. Sadistic bastards), Muchi, drawing sheets, Muchi, applications,Muchi, mailing gianormus packages home,Muchi, worried mum, Muchi, cold fingers.

My free fall sort of approach to things sucks. I recommend it strongly if you to experience the mental equivalent of a vibrantly pink rock smashing your skull.

Agnes Mendonca is in a relationship with Suchismita Mohapatra.



William Deng-Deng K. said...

Agnes Mendonca is in a relationship with Suchismita Mohapatra.

Ravi Popat likes this.

U've been resurrected now that u got ur phone back and all. Welcome back. :) No net, no phone, and 40,000 assignments is more than enough to drag one to the fucking afterlife.

GRE and thou man. Not job and thou. They rob people of their intelligence man. GRE and thou. But anyway, congrats. :)

Blue~Flame said...

Ravi Popat seems to be deriving a suspiciously voyeur-istic place out of this :|
No girl on girl action this is. Well it is, a different kind. Higher plane and all. *Haughty Sniff*

Oh, Maggie! One's heart beats for you.

Sharanya said...

I'm jealous, but ok, you know WHAT? THIS MEANS I GET SHWETU.


(if she will, uh, have me. Shwetu?)

AND WHAT JOB?!?!?!?! Why does no one give ME a job?! I could then buy YOU cookies, Ag, instead of you treating me! I want you to rant-post about the job!

And your SOP will rise from the ashes. You know that. It's you :) :)

I miss you. (yeah, Suchi, other people have the right to her too, you know? =P)

Blue~Flame said...

You knw, Shwetu might not dare to enter any other relationship. Not openly atleast. she's too scared of my emotional-devious tactics.


*Insert Booming Evil Laugh*

You puny mortals. sigh.


Shweta said...

Yeah Sharan, we're giving muchi-maggie competition.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Suchi : What? !! :| I cant like good stuff or what? :|

Anonymous said...

*points to Suchi and squeals with laughter!*



Aggie M said...

Dear All,
This feels so empty without me :)
Deng appreciates the finer things in life. For instance, my dalliance with Sovil( sorry Much-o)
And yeah, GRE and me. All the way through. I mean, whom are we kidding with the job thing anyway. Screw the system.
Muchi, we can kick Shwetu+Sharan's ass any day. They are Robin and Barney to our lily-Marshall.We rule!!
and my mum loves you now.I see a future where they adopt you and I lie homeless on the streets.
Which brings us to Shwetu and her home. Pretty please.
And Sharan!!!
I read Juniper Berries again. If you were a guy, I'd haunt you and have your babies so that they could amuse me for the rest of my life.
Chennai was so hot and weird and eew. Urgh. We dint even go to the beach :|
I want home now.
oh and in a perfect world, all of you would be in my college and we'd shock this dead dump of a place with hyper levels of awesomeness.
Nagpur fits this:


Aggie M said...

Ooh the job.
Michelin tyres. They of the ex-F1 racing fame.
And this fat mummy-esque mascot.
Sharan gets cookies for this :)
She appreciates them

Vivek said...

wow! job!

at this rate, by this year-end, i will officially have been the only person from our batch to be jobless.. literally!

btw.. congrats!

Shweta said...

Aggie, i just figured out who sharan and i are. We're NOT robin and barney, we're meredith and cristina :P.

Aggie M said...

@ Vatti:
You'll get out of there with an Mtech. That rules :)
jobs are overrated na.

@Shwetu: Oh my god. yes!!