Sunday, December 6, 2009

Solitary mosquitoes :)

Happy Birthday Much-o!!!!
The one with all that hair is finally legally there :)
As usual, there is an exam chasing her ass on the other side of 7th, but as if that is going to stop us from spending long hours doing nothing.
My offerings this year are slinky blue eyeliner and a gianormus card. Hope these should appease Her.

Fans of The Suchi may pay their homage in the comments section :)


Blue~Flame said...

Umm, since I'm my biggest fan, so yay!
Happy Bday to me!!
Thankee Mag. I'm all tears.
And thanguus to N and Deng.
Get my stuff. MY STUFF!!

godrick said...

hmmm you forget dear there is one more fan of urs...

actually AC hehe!!

happy birthday dear
Enjoy "after exams"

best of luck..



Sharanya said...


Dharini said...

Birthdays :) :) happy cakeday suchi!

shwetu said...

Solitary mosquitoes?!

And Suchiiii!

Aggie M said...

Solitary mosquitoes. she came up with that solecism herself
Ooh and we had a blast yesterday!
Exams be damned.