Thursday, October 7, 2010

La Douleur Exquise

You know what it feels like.

Eeeeeks, I'm just about suppressing the urge to write down Skyrocket Love's semi-emo'ish lyrics out here. Thank god the inner cynic has affected some quality control by killing the whiny child in me.

It's winter here :) Is it just me or does winter smell a certain way, because that's what's making my prodigious nose very happy.

Oh, and coffee just does not taste the same here. I recommend that you'd be better off carrying your body weight in Nescafe before you land here so that when painful withdrawal symptoms hit you at 3 am before midsems/assignments, it's not your body that lies withering in spasms on the carpet.

Spams of writing are better than nothing at all, right?
It's weird to move to a whole new country with no foreseeable options to return home. Grad school sucks you into it's complex, frustrating and incredibly challenging maw, till lack of sleep, thought and hey-let's-chill-this-weekend are bygone conclusions. Before you know it, you'd have spent 5 years here, hopping countries and continents. The only constant you could hope for is Friday night's

Shwetu, I repeat, I'll never ever mock you about your science library days.

Yeah, so a new country, a new list of things to fall in love with. new cities to sink roots into,especially when you are a distinctly rootless thing to begin with. From being a confused Goan-Mallu-Dig-Bombay blend to here is a puzzling journey.

Oops, over my head :)

Oh, and it is humanly possible to miss pani-puri more than your parents. Testified by Aggie.

I'm going to Universal Studio's this weekend :D And New York in December! :D

"An increase in population leads to fluctuations and social competitiveness for resources and then stuff dies"

- Johns Lewis
in some random class.

PS. I'm sick of missing you. Sick.


Shweta said...

MUST you spell well on the other side of the world, Aggie?

Aren't Science libraries heavenly?

S said...


I don't usually have anything coherent to say, so I'll just :D to let you know that I'm happy you're writing here again etc.

SSD said...

You've gone for a PhD? Or an MS?

Aggie M said...

@ Shwetu : Man, I miss you :(
And the Science lib here is the last word in awesomeness :D

@ SHaran: thy Tumblr is reaching new heights of brilliance :)
How's Exeter?

@ SSD: MS so far and hopefully a PhD after that :)

Anonymous said...

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