Sunday, February 24, 2013

Suddenly something

It was a long day in lab when I started with this post. One of those titrative, iterative experiments is on. Spectroscopy gives one such indirect results. Untangling lifetimes and decays which could possibly allude to a certain conformational state. The science in this new lab is different, more methodical and plodding with results that don't turn your mouth into happy little O's.
I miss my old  lab very much. Ripping cell nuclei apart on the directions of a Texan version of Yoda was what that was. The methodology was brash, the experiments a joystick based hit and miss.
I wish I could put up one of my nucleus pulling experiments up here.Especially the ones with the pretty GFP labelled actin cables around it. Only if that dint violate copyright laws, now :)

Someday, when this blog grows up a little, I will talk about immigrant experiences, American  political correctness, being a woman in an engineering program at a large public university, things that have changed in India ever since I left, and more. I think I have so many conversations on these themes everyday that I never get around to writing about it here

I've entirely forgotten what this was about in the first place. A fact that has never affected my ability to type on, content notwithstanding, so I'll let you grimace through the rest of the post. Presently, my roommate Upasna's mum is over for a holiday. We have 3 meals a day and interesting conversations about Carnatic music now. I find myself almost weeping over pouffy phulka's since the best I can do is behead people with my own sharp-edged unbendable frisbee like creations.
I spend about 3 waking hours of my life at home everyday and most conversations go like this:

A: Lab. Moan.
N: Chai?
A: Ji.
Cook some makeshift sabzi. Talk about work, boyfriends, tomorrow's lunch, long tiresome days, weight gain, the cold,
U: I'm back.Chai?
A: Yeah. Go for it.
U: 15 pages due this Tuesday.
A: How is that humanly possible.
N: 2 labs to grade.
A: Tea?
U: Nahi, just had some.
U:Okay yeah, chai.

Mum's change everything. Even the sarkari officer-chaap tea drinking existence that we seem to have built up here.

My mojo. I keep losing the damn thing.


Memphis next weekend :) Elvis, here I come, babe. Sherin and I have decided not to waste any time talking to another soul for the whole weekend. I miss her like we'd all miss electricity if it ever disappeared from our lives. Who knows, I might even have some pictures from this trip to show yall.

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