Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cray old bar

Before you bother reading any of my hokey half though thoughts, please watch this: 

Thank you very much Dee Dee bear <3 div="" nbsp="">


Bug Muchi with existentialist hoo-ha just before her bed time and that's what she calls you, cray old bar. She's going for crazy old bat (guilty as charged, always) when she types this. Followed by entreaties to leave her alone. Very few people are gifted with a friends like these. Who know the thought before I have thunk it, who'll find a word for everything and who can tolerate you even when you sound doped without having gone near the stuff. I really lucked out here.


Life is busy, the right kind of busy :) I enjoy working now. As if some bend was crossed without me realizing it. Somehow, all the cluelessness, the stress and struggle have morphed into a glimmer of understanding. I know so little about science but I feel as if I know what to do now. And where I'd like to go with this funny, maddening choice that life dropped on me.


I want to see:
1. Inu
2. A documentary on why My Little Pony has any adult fans at all.
3. My pottery project, once we finish it
4. P, smiling 
5. Snow melting under the sun
6. The end of The Luminaries
7. Black storks, migrating 
8. My elusive family on Skype
9. Histone octamers, refolded successfully by moi
10. The blue ceiling of St Mary's

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Such! said...

I love stumbling across my anecdotal self on the interwebs. you are a cray old bar.