Monday, June 9, 2014

Hobo thought

Hobo thought: A thought that was slumming around in your head.

Innocuous. You didn't notice it at first, till suddenly one day it asked for a coffee or donuts or something, spare change.

The one is about a house. I had a stray thought about things my future house should have. A wine cellar, a water feature, plenty of guest bedrooms, terraces, balconies, patios, flowers, a mermaid themed bathroom. A reading nook, needless to say.
See, it's been growing and building on seemingly nothing. I'm puzzled and happy at these symptoms of growing up :) :)


Sharanya said...

wait what you have a house? you BOUGHT A HOUSE?

Aggie M said...

No no. I thought about a future house. This is a small baby step for a rootless individual such as meself :) I've never wanted anything beyond a couch and a book. Now apparently, I want a house around it