Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whose waistline is it anyway?

Mine( maybe Shwetu's too). And it is causing me much grief. It’s strangely expansive and ballooning features make me throw poisonous death rays at McChicken with fries (and then consume it anyways)

I am now officially worried. Oh, make that Worried.

4 months of consuming assorted versions of crap in the hostel mess had left me completely defenseless in the face of gastronomic delicacies such as Chicken nuggets, malai sandwiches , payasam,

And of course Chocolate cake

This entry might as well be an ode to the common chocolate cake which fills me and my bloated tummy with a sublime ,unparalleled feeling of contentment and bliss. For our first ever joint culinary experiment Shweta and I selected Pilsbury Choco cake to grace the menu ( which after much agonizing and confused deliberation included Chinese noodles and lemonade)

The saga of the most exquisite cake ever created can be divided into three easy to make steps(according to Pilsbury):

Step 1. Snip milk packet and figure out a fifth of the volume .Mix with 2tbps of oil and all the choco powder from the packet.Whip, stir, eye the resulting mixture appreciatively and try to keep equally appreciative fingers from making forays into the mixing bowl. Grease another bowl and sprinkle flour on it. Our flour obstinately refused to sprinkle choosing to settle in moldy clumps

Step 2. Pour an inch of water in the cooker and steam for 30 agonizing minutes.

Step3. Lift the lid and keep on flame for five minutes.This death defying stunt was performed by Shweta at the cost of a painful burn on her palm and dirty looks thrown her mom.

All this was followed by gorging on hot cake. Turned out beautifully considering the individuals pioneering the project. It tasted even better after spending a few unheckeled hours in the fridge.

Our masterpiece drew varied reactions from family members.Chief amongst these are:

Abhishek: The one who loveth-the-whole- world-and-all-in-it took exception by declaring “yuck! Its smelly” (Its not. NOT. Chocolate has only one smell and that is nice)

Jenny: Is that fungus? (Pointing to the clumps of flour tenaciously adhering to the bottom of the cake). She ate it anyways

Shwetu’s mom: Pretty good first time effort.

My Dad: *Happy excited grin on first spotting chocolate cake* “what’s next?”

Damn, wished I'd saved a bit for the people back at driving school.Could have been the only thing between me and a definite fail grade....


Shweta said...

aah the cake...we shouldnt have shared.

oh oh, lets make it again this time with the icing, AND the aampanna instead of the lemonade

Sharan said...


Cake-want to eat (indicates self).cant be bad.Like you said,chocolate can NEVER be bad.