Sunday, August 12, 2007

Me Casa

I'm home....

A little disoriented, very happy and faint thoughts of college stuck to the back of my mind.
Vidharba Express, Nagpur to Mumbai was miraculously average . Weird bunch of people as usual. Saccharine sweet lady who asked me to swap my upper berth within the first five minutes.. Yeah, right, sucker. Descend to the lower realms and bug my brains listening to farty middle aged people around. As if.

Case in point: Bald obnoxious Gujju guy who droned on and on like a dying Luna about " yeh young generation" with covert glances thrown at me since I happened to be the only person below 40 around them. Them being
a) Diabetes inducing lady and her chunky faced boyfriend / husband who were very much in LOVE and had an incredible urge to prove it to the rest of us by holding hands and giggling non stop.

b) Dull auntyji with various aches and pains and her equally dull husband. Within five minutes they'd told us about their married daughter and their jamai and how they were going to "Bambai" for the first time to see them

c) Bald Gujju guy with an opinion on everything from beti ki shaddi(" yeh sab baatien jaldi ho jaaye toh acha hai". Yeah you chauvanistic neanderthal loser) to zameen ka daam(Don't ask. People were actually listening to the loser)

d)Two businessmen types who kept gaping at my eye. I know I look like Morticia Addams on a bad day but there is something called civility.

Things were redeemed by One Hundred years of solitude. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is The One.

Got up at 6 in the morning after a vague,freezingly cold,broken night and stumbled towards dad at thane station.

Multiple series of shocks on reaching home. New car mall opening up, my building's being painted a new quirky colour, coffee shops still alive and there's been a dramatic increase in the stray cat population.

Home coming rituals followed: Casting dewy eyed looks at the TV, opening biscuit tins, touching all my books and seeing Harry's grave.
Home's perfect.

Morning's been a long lazy Sunday. Coffee, Sunday times and calls to everyone at college. Nagpur's so far away. Won't whine about not seeing Dharini, Oly, Veera, Navanith, Niranjan and Das for a week. I can go for pages that way...
I'm so glad I came home. Never realised I'd missed it so much in the first place. 4 days of movies, food and long lukkha hours with Natu and Suchi.

Friday is years away :)

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Shweta said...

what i would do to have my name added to that list (Suchi and natu) aggie