Friday, December 7, 2007

Muchi's birthday :)

This post is dedicated to Shewtu and Sharan. BURN!!!!!

7 dec goes down in history as the day that gave us Suchismita Mohapatra and her hair. While I can wax eloquent on the former and she on the latter, this post will stick to events that transpired yesterday on her 19th birthday. Which you guys missed :)

Was supposed to "surprise" her at 4 with cake and make myself scarce in 10 mins . God laughs loudest when He schedules an exam for us the day after our birthday.Though you guys need'nt have worried, Suchi did'nt study a word for the 5 hours I was there..

Lugged a card , Samit Basu's Simoquin Prophecies(her's), a Carl Hiaasen(for her) and the cat who lived high(mine).Was constantly stared at in the train. Dark glasses should be made mandatory for some individuals.

Was her first gift of the day :)We chomped through the cake, expostulated on the virtues of her white shirt(which now has tiny almost scrubbed out choco stains)and sat around talking for the next five hours(note that magical figure)

Stayed for the pineapple-cake-cutting-with-assorted-building-children ritual.
Other stuff that happened:
1. Pari called :)
2. Got my result and moped about it for a good 15mins and barely spoke to pari
3. Had noodles and chicken for dinner.
4. Suchi got clothes for gifts.
5. Nishu should have been there. Andheri is too far away :(

Got back home at 9:30. Suchi got a decent birthday. I got cake.
The world is a a happy place.
Both of you were missed.
Must stop. My jaw muscles ache from all the smiling and gloating.

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Shweta said...

:| that helped aggie. i do love detailed accounts of how happy people are while im away scrubbing my room floor