Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm gonna soak up the sun-so NOT!!!

Sheryl Crowe's dreamy vocals on a brilliant song..Soak up the sun is one of those happy pick me ups on a very non-sunbeamy-and-hence-sad days.
The sun is what I've been advised to shy away from if I want Dry Eczema to curl up and die leaving me thankfully scarless.
Today's avoid the sun artillery comprised of full sleeved black tee shirt, skinny jeans and supremely ugly and uncomfortable loafers :(
Describing my wardrobe on the-blog-that-noone-reads tells you(real or imaginary) that this sun thingy is bothering me and will die out in approximately 11 hours.

Sheesh, I've turned into one of those whiny losers who write crap stuff that happened every day. My day was good/bad/ugly.. whine.. whine.. my bum's too big.. wwhhhiinnnnnneeeeeee... my dog has urine incontinence.. bbaaaaaaaaaawllllll.. well you get the drift. Your stupid day, your stupid life; who gives???

Neurosis aside, this blog shall henceforth be obscure and persnickety.not a word about my day or my current emotional state or my big bum :)
You can breathe


Shweta said...

gasp! you spelt incontinence right!

Aggie M said...

spell check rules when you subdue your ego sufficently enough to use it!!!!

Nomadica said...

I give!! *does rude imitation of Hermione jumping in her seat*

On with the show! And, who's the dog? *chuckle!*

Aggie M said...

The dog is but a hypothetical approximation.
If i had a dog Murphy would ensure that he needed doggie diapers(there we go, another hypothetical scenario)

Deandra said...

Good post.