Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm awake

Its frickin 2 in the morning!!aggie is supposed to be dead to the world, battling with pilows, tangled in sheets and dreaming of foxes biting her ankles. Not staring blankly at her facebook profile.
I'm not a late night person and it shows in the morning when three people in a row draw unfavourable comparisons between toads and my pouchy eyes.
I'm not just sick of life, I'm utterly disgusted. If it were a person, i'd marinate it in horse pee.


Nomadica said...

Aw Ag. Maybe this will cheer you up- Shwetu's back on 9th of May, yay yay yay!! Now hurry up and come home.

Lots of love.

Aggie M said...

i called her:)
whalloped me in the balance det. but i needed to hear her voice before my exams. very corny ,na?
done with two papers. both okayish. i'll be there on 7th :)

Shweta said...

yay i liked reading that!

Shweta said...

oh sorry about the balance part of it