Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday evenings are one of those blessed times when the mess shuts down, requiring you to forage for food outside its dank confines.
After 2 years of Nagpur, we've exhausted its limited eat-out-on-a-measley-budget dinner options many times over. Saturday night raises a series of burning issues: whether you can afford anything more than maggi, people you'll have to coerce into coming with you, wondering if you'll be asked out and if LM's making its presence felt. All these complicated equations have to be sorted out before mess off.Life is damn stressful :(
This Saturday's story is seriously muddled. We're uniformly broke, so it seems like maggi orgies are in the offing. Dee dee might go with joey and veera with the loved one, leaving me trying to figure out ways of lighting the gas without burning the mess down( which by itself is not a very dismal thought). Then of course there's Niranjan and the fact that we're both pining away for each other. I'm a goner if he asks me out when I'm staring at charred lumps of maggi.
I'm sick of Saturdays, being socially disfunctional( Shwetu, I really miss you), breaking up and dark circles.
Woe is me!!!


Shweta said...

LM? whats that?
yeah, its no fun being socially dYsfunctional by yourself. whenever i read the blog, why do i get the feeling its been written for sharan and me? if only you would convert it to a letter :)

dont worry aggie, theres always chocolate to turn to! i have re-discovered my love for toblerone white. will not drool over my keyboard.

had to sing chinese song about a moon-cake, a cake and a ham burger. if you must know, it was a love triangle. and the-moon cake was lesbian.

how's C?

Aggie M said...

Lesbian moon cakes.
Shwetu you lead a weird life.
And of course the blog's for both of you. Whom am i gonna write for?
I'm pigging out on 5star daily. You've had the crunchy, right?
I'm waiting desperately for may. And Saturday really sucked.
long story behind it. I'll tell you when I get home :)

Aggie M said...

LM= Runny stomach
C= crappy :(

Shweta said...

yes i ve had the crunchy! toblerone's better! and i cant wait for may either! and i slept through math today! and why are we converting your blog into a chat thingie?

mail, aggie!!!

Shweta said...

i saw a very interesting comment on your facebook wall and i hate that i dont know what its about!
mail me your number i seem to have lost it.

Nomadica said...

Saturday's suck. There's only one holiday that follows that.

I miss thee, Your Agginess :'(

Nomadica said...

Sorry, that should've been Saturdays suck. Without the apostrophe.

Nomadica said...

Jeez, this is a new OCD, this business with apostrophes and other punctuation. Time to worry, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

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Todd said...

Hi Aggie M.

I'm a writer in New Jersey, USA. I just came across your blog and would like to use a few sentences from "Saturday Night Fever" (March 29, 2008) in a book chapter I'm working on. Will you send me permission?