Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Smart

Get Smart was a totally awesome movie. When you're reduced to blogging about random cool movies you saw, it clearly indicates that you don't have anything planet-shatteringly cool to say. Since I figured out that the point of the blog was new posts and not detailed conversations on the comments page, I'll post. Happy Shwetu?

So yeah., Get Smart, starring Steve Carell (that other news reader from Bruce Almighty moved on to bigger, better things with Horton Hears a who, Little miss sunshine and snogging Anne Hathaway and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.) was excruciatingly funny.

For once here's a movie that makes you laugh more than the tacky ads and the shady multiplex employees who sidle up to you in the dark and whisper " popcorn?"

That should be banned. Okay, its really funny to see people suddenly roll in the aisles when they hear that cooing whisper from the general dark zone near their left earlobe, but it gets really old after a while.

The movie is what counts and Get Smart appealed vastly to my distinctly puerile tastes.

There is very little that is genuinely funny out there. I've run out of Russel Peters and Scrubs. Season 3 of How I met your mother sucks. I cant watch Shrek anymore. Saturation.

Come to think of it the only consistently funny thing in life was Shwetu. Those unfailing daily doses of walking into fire extinguishers, falling down stairs, crumpling in a heap on roads for no evident reason and saying the most outrageously funny things anyone ever could. Everything is a lot more stable now that she's busy with her faux-project.

Oh yeah Shwetu, GAIL where you supposedly live has the following motto : Gas and Beyond.
Have made so many toilet humour based jokes on it, that we've stopped passing the GAIL building altogether.

Thou art missed.


Shweta said...

once. i hit the fire-extinguisher ONCE. and you won't believe the things that've been happening to me. I think i attract weird people.

And you still haven't sent me the comic!

Shweta said...

oh and this promary 4 girl drew a picture of me, and labeled it

'Miss Pig'

I have no idea where she got that from :|

Aggie M said...

miss pig?!!!
once was enough Shwetu. that sort of stuff is legandary :) i'll mail you the comic pronto.

Sharanya said...

MISS PIG?!! REALLY?! That's the second funniest thing I've heard today, the first being Gas And Beyond *snigger!*

Ag, is it true you've read Twilight? PLEASE say yes, please, please. Suchi and I were talking today and she said you were going to buy the books. I don't know if you'll find the books, but if you don't, I'll mail em. You HAVE to read them and gush with me.

Aggie M said...

see Sharan, this is why you are the coolest person ever. Please mail them to me pronto. no one is bloody stocking the books!!! the ignominy of this is like????!!!!!
I really wanna read it :(
I did my third assng from Axiom.
they're giving me a tentative fouth. obviously this si reproduction in Animals. ye fates . dunno if i can do it.