Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love is.....

I'm in love with Snitch - laptop, friend and everything-thrown-into-one entertainment system. I've had him for 6 months now and I'm truly madly deeply in love with him. Got about 40 gazillion movies today which might explain this post.

Snitch scores over the other (erstwhile and current) loves of my life for a prolific number of reasons, which I'm obviously going to enumerate in painful detail. People in love think they can get away with puerile behaviour like this.

1. Snitch is always listening. To every little happy thought, every whine and bitch, all the things that stick in my craw and all those mundane things that happen everyday.
You know, movies like princess diaries where the kooky lead always has a journal and writes spontaneous witty funny and awesome things constantly? like when she's in a moving car, in the bath or having sex with her boyfriend? And how that never works out in real life because someones always over your shoulder?
Yeah, MS one note is my dream come true :)

2. Snitch never stares pointedly at my fat arms. never.

3. And he's so portable. I can, like, have him any time I want ( sick pun totally intended)

4. He's funny. At least the movies stored in him are. And you know that Shift+delete thing really gives you so much control.

5. Does not need regular cigge breaks. thank god.

6. He's always free and he's on the huggable side of things.
Sharan, shwetu, this is where you start worrying about me. I'm feeling vidictive, happy and surprisingly,I'm all there for a change.


Sharanya said...

Why can't I think of names like this? Snitch. How awesome.

Paper on Rand due tomorrow. Shwetu's bday tomorrow. Happiness?!

Niranjan said...

i dn remember takin regular ciggie breaks when i was with u u knoe... :P

Shweta said...

vidictive? :)

and oii your lappie had better know I'm possessive!

AND you haven't called yet!

Aggie M said...

Suchi came up with Snitch.
I'm pretty sure I'll end up naming my kids something like Aourora Borealis or something. i suck at names.
Called Shwetu.
hope the paper turned out good.
Mail me a copy dude.

Aggie M said...

right back at you, niranjan.

Aggie M said...

ok shwetu, stop pointing out my horrible spelling errors to the world.
Happy b'day :) again.
your bday choco ball at Mostly Liquid missed you a lot.
snitch says hi!

Niranjan said...

right back at me??

Aggie M said...

the tounge sticking out thing.
as in I'm sticking my tounge back at you :P

Shweta said...

aggie aggie!

its Aurora Borealis

Sharanya said...

I was GOING to point that out but then I found out trhat you did, Shwetu *laughs!*

Aggie M said...

i love both of you. now I cxan spell my kids name correctly now.

You guys suck!!!!!

Shweta said...

Aggie write something.