Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've always been unduly inspired by Bridget Jones. I'm not in my thirties, or in and out of failed relationships, or a semi- alcoholic with a nicotine addiction. But there is something about Bridget J, albeit a little old and forgotten now , but I fell hard for her floozy-woozy charms, when I first read her diary. Here's mine, Bridget style.

1 st July, 12 pm

Weight: must not think about!
tang units: 3, Chocolate twists: 1 (big one at that), number of unsuitable men in head: 1

Mum's birthday today. Must arrange for cake in pineapple flavour which she likes. Will be strong and not give in to meaningless chocolate cravings that will only settle in region of cement block like thighs.
Saw self critically in mirror today. Resulted in severe need to down one's misery in Chocolate twirls. Suchi mailed Twilight. Eyes are screaming in protest. Have read enough to require two sets of replacement eyes.

Doing the usual at home. Must try to look at least slightly concerned when Jenny is cleaning whole house as I lie prone on the sofa for hours at a stretch. Maybe cleaning will make thighs less pillar like. Hmmm....

Have resolved not to:
1.Waste money on random things like shiny headsets and eye wateringly bright .
2. Talk to people about random things like resembling red riding hood and forget to mention important things like fee details.
3. Drink lesser quantities of tang
4.read in short stretches and rest eyes. ha.
5. mail Shweta.

Must go now. feel thirsty. Can feel Tang calling out to self.


Shweta said...

point #5!

Just Do It, Ag.

Sharanya said...

Ooh, she's mailed it already. More importantly, have you finished it? It took me like 3 days to read the whole thing off. I'm officially in love with Edward Cullen. Wish he existed.

See you later, you "wonderfully weird" thing :)

ps- You DO resemble her! Not Phoebe - ok, slightly maybe- but Little Miss Red Riding Hood! Especially in the version that Shwetu, you and I read in the bookstore that day *chuckles!*

Aggie M said...

Did it Shwetu :)
love and slurpy doggy drool :)

Aggie M said...

started it yesterday Sharan. And well i JUST CANT stop . Its really awesome. I'll be done in a few hours. 1 and a half days. my eyes are revolting. they want to pop out of my head.
ditto on Cullen. I want my own personal dishy vampire :(
i'm not like her. I dont ship and walk !!!!
he's the unsuitable guy in my head. mainly cause of the being real issue too.

Shweta said...

ok both of you.
what am i missing?!?
i like twilight and all, but it's a romance fic!and it's nice, but again, am I missing something? and edward's too perfect. no-one should be allowed that.

oh in case you're wondering ,i'm only on book 2 now.

kindly explain.

Shweta said...

number of unsuitable men in head:1.

let me get this clear, does 'men' include other species, um, if 'they' can be called that?

if (!other_species){
kindly elaborate;


Aggie M said...

Edward Cullen
Unsuitable primarily because he does not exist :(
You like Twilight?

Shweta said...

refer above comment. i think it's fine. But all teen romance books are like this! Pretty much every marauder-era fan fic is like this aggie.

Have I gotten so dense I'm missing something?!

Blue~Flame said...

Shwetu, you are fricking crazy!
Edward Cullen is suitable and he is real! stop saying that he is not real guys, ok? He is real, we will meet, he will dish his fangs into me, and we will fly away.
yes, wwe will.
Like i did with heathcliff, jake seringo, sirius black.

Oh your post, fungyyyy