Friday, July 18, 2008


I dint know about Life, the Universe and a little red dot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
why dint I know? I will slaughter the three of you and sell the detritus to buy expensive books. How did I miss this. Explain. NOW!!!!!
okay.tagged. the third summer of the sisterhood was handy.
God is subtle but not malicious- Albert Einstein
The ferocity was back on Valia's face, and it was more ferocious than ever.
They were due in the hospital again. this time for the double whammy of blood teating for Valia's kidneys and physical therapy for her knees.

I'm going back to colleg; after two and a half months of food and bumming around, its back to no food and bumming around. Sigh!


Sharanya said...

As in Shwetu's blog??????? You didnt KNOW???????????

Shweta said...

As in my blog???? You didn't know???????????

It doesn't matter much though, when you delete your first one, blogging doesn't feel as nice :(

Blue~Flame said...

Ah, now there little agnes, you know now.
Now stop crying or mummy will get worried baby..

SSD said...

College is not that bad. Its fun when we get screwed by the profs and the umpteen ways we think of to avoid the above. All in vain though