Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Guess who's back!!!

I'm back.
I do this periodic abandonment of my blog. Sharan's blog is pretty, Shwetu's blog projects this aura of being way out there and Suchi's is crammed full of awesome Muchi-isms.
My blog on the other hand is simply a blog that nobody reads :|
Okay, yeah, so I whine a lot.

I finished all the stickers in my Captain underpants book. Reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk right now.I'm gobsmacked to say the least.
The only other thing i'd read by Palahniuk before this was Guts.(http://www.seizureandy.com/stuff/guts.html). Gross is an understatement

The ugly cat is back in our hostel. According to some people it had babies and ate them all up. Do cat eat their babies? .
I like the way cats move. They are so utterly fluid and beautiful.

Half the people I know are convinced I was a dog in my past life(s), because:
1. I sleep wierdly. All sparawled out with my legs in positions best left to an active imagination. Very un-ladylike and very canine-like
2. I whine.
3. When I was a wee kiddie I used to bite kids who pissed me off. In my defence,I was a skinny runt and pointy teeth did what weak fists couldnt.
4. Dogs like me. Just like litte boys like me.Both have been known to follow me around and gaze adoringly at me.

But I'm still a cat person. My current ambition is to learn Parkour. Wiki that. Its awesome.

i'm back. this hardly qualifies as a bang, but my blog is happy with its extended mortality.


Blue~Flame said...

Me Is Happy Again.
Me had taken a pran not to blog till you blog, umm now that you have, i have pretty much run out of excuses..
when are you give me wormhole..(oh that sounds like a disease)
You're Back!!

Shweta said...

you're back :).

Aggie M said...

ya so i'm back :)
im sending you guys my paper

Sharanya said...

Aggie, I can FINALLY see this post. There's something seriously wrong with IE. For weeks I have been trying to see "Guess who's back" but I ended up viewing it as a single sentence, miserably, on Suchi's blog updates. Captain Underpants was the last post i could read..till now.