Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family matters

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family
- Jerry Seinfeld.

These words should be carved in stone and then used to whack my parents over the head.
We are back form our "family" holiday at Daman- a tiny poky little place that made me appreciate home a little more.

For a change , I'll be fair and present both sides of the story.

Mum and Dad.
Daman is a 3 hour drive from Thane. Everything there is green and nice. The resort was 5 seconds away from the beach. There are many tiny places of attraction all around- Silvassa, Vapi, gardens, dams, a lion safari etc. There was a masseur!! They had Happy hours!!!! The car trunk will never be the same again after hauling 50 tons of excise free cheap alcohol!!!! *incoherent babbling and excited chatter*

Jenny and Aggie.

Its a long, boring, arid drive from Thane. Everything outside was a varying shade of dry and brown. The beach*shudder* had ugly blackish sand, the water had no waves to speak of and old uncles pottered around in their underwear. We are scarred for life. The road to Silvassa is bumpy and filled with suicidal cows and children, Vapi is a dull city, the dam was just big and the lion safari consisted of one, yes one lion. We cant sit still for the long, numbing duration of a head massage. They sneered at us when we asked for Pulpy Orange during Happy Hours.
Thank God for Star Movies and air conditioning.

We are insanely relieved to be back home. We spent a quiet minute in respectful silence before the security doors of InOrbit. I hugged my laptop. Civilization is a glorious concept.

My parents are making eager plans to return. Severe episodes of pouting and sulking have softened them a little though. Mom agreed to let me get a tattoo. If my future career as a groupie flounders I can always become a professional whiner-negotiator or something.


Ravi Popat said...

tattoo!!!! awesome! :P i want one too.. :( someday.. :)

Sharanya said...

I'm getting one too! It's a japanese word. Got permission too :D Am stiff scraed of the whole pain deal though. Agh.

I wish you'd blog more often, Aggie. Everyone can do with real, happy laughs. Like the one I laughed after reading this :)

Blue~Flame said...

did i tell you the earrings are like the cooles things ever! oh ya i did..
They remind me of your tiny feet :)
Since you've already decided the tattoo is gonna be a plane, I GET TO PICK THE COLOR.
Thats it, no further arguments.

Aggie M said...

Sharan, we'll deal with the pain :d
a Japanese word? more details!!
thou knows how it is with blogs and me. Laziness reigns supreme!!1
where are you getting yours done ??