Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caramel latte

lCoffee cravings kick in at absurd times. In the middle of a viva for instance. Try answering rapid fire, with the words CoffeMocha singing themselves in the Spiderman tune in your head. Very psychedelic.

Nine days to go till the exams. DeeDee and me went out shopping of all things. for absurdly overdue birthday gifts. To this noble cause were sacrificed chilly auto rides and a caramel latte ice cream. Cold winds and ice cream go together brilliantly.
I should be studying. the moment is just right to be running around shrieking and screaming. there are a million things that should have been done yesterday.
made the following lists.

Things that make me happy:
1. Cadbury Shots
2.Walking around in the cold
3.Mark Knopfler

Things that make me mad:
1.Annoying geeks in my class who have their faces stuck so far up collective professorial asses, its a wonder they can still breathe.
2. Stupid hostel rules.
3. Studying in general :(

Dear God, Give us this day our daily chocolate.


Blue~Flame said...

1st comment soulmate! small wonder our likes and dislikes are so similar!
Me should be sutdying too...
I crave chocolate too...whats so new about that eh?

Sharanya said...

Gosh, Ag, you remind me of Dave Barry sometimes! His last liners, heh. Your last lines crack me up too!

Give us this day our daily chocolate, gosh, thank GOD for you. I don't have too many sources of midnight laughs.

agnes said...

Muchi thou must make me brownies!!
soon. very soon.
i loathe studying. my brain hurts.
freakily enough our exam schedules coincide for a change :D
our soul-mateism is reaching out to the universe!

agnes said...

Yo Sharan!!
Dave Barry?
i just died and I'm smiling beatifically down from heaven.That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said. i mean like EVER!!
oh guess what? I remember your birthday now.Expect shrieking and giggles on 10th Dec :)