Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colour me Purple :)

" Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just dont seem the same
Actin funny, but I dont know why
scuse me while I kiss the sky
Purple haze all around
Dont know if Im comin up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
-Jimi Hendrix
Purple Haze

I could waste 30 lines on exactly how I feel right now, or let Jimi do the talking.

It rained today. It was around 5. I was drifting through Cloud Atlas, when I heard that shimmery, silky raindrop sound. It took me nanoseconds to move out. Everything was gray, like that Powerpuff girls episode where the colour gets sucked out of things.

I wandered about, said hi to the albino deer, collected tiny red seeds and had yet another endless cup of coffee. Raindrops make me realise how happy I can be :) All those head swimmy questions about the future die a wet death. What am I doing here!!! gets buried under a million tiny drops. A curly haired visage pops back into my brain. Sigh. Long and deep.

I'm hooked onto Lost again. Its like revisiting this intense, torrid love affair you used to have. Deja vu Suchi and Himanshu. In a big I-love-Jack-so-damn-much way.

I have one blurred picture of the albino deer. You can barely see it in all the graininess. I dont know if it's an albino or if white deer exist in nature. I've decided its one of the things I don't want to Google and know :)


Vivek said...

Those albino deer are great. There are two of them in the campus, both small. No adults. We believe they were born due to some kind of mutation!

Aggie M said...

Heck, that seems very likely na?
the normal deer play with the albinos :) its so damn cute.

Aggie M said...

Vatti, write a blog na :)

Sharanya said...

MAN, I'm jealous-- it rained today once while I was walking in SoBo but it lasted for minutes and then it was all hot and mean again. I. Want. Rain.

Sharanya said...

And I LOVE the deer at IIT-M.

Blue~Flame said...

Mag, I love you so for putting up that pic! You always know exactly what I need.
You know more than humanoid around, what a rain person I am. And I want it. We should be drifting beneath it together.
I feel happy just thinking abut rain. I was singing the 'paus song' today. The marathi poem we had in 3/4 std? :)

agnes said...

@sharan: that kind of rain just leaves you all unsettled :|
the weather is being a bitch these days.
global warming should shove it in a deep dark place.
and the deer!!! man. they are so cute and tame :)
i want to touch one. sigh
@suchi: Seriously much-o, wish you were here.
that song!!!
"saang saang bholanath paus padel kai" :D
miss you. over and over again.
the deer is so awesome na?

William Deng-Deng K. said...

1. jimi hendrix in ur blog! u rock!
2. it has started raining here too. there's no coffee here though. the ultra-sweet mess tea instead. but the rain compensates for that bit of the misery. :)
3. lost!

Aggie M said...

1. Jimi is mostly courtesy all your raving deng :) he's something else.
2. coffee is all around. And all of it is awesome. I dont like tea :|

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Watch The Man From Earth.



N. said...

mesa wants rain..... mesa envies you.....

Himanshu said...

Keep writing such beautiful stuff.

I think that's the first time i have heard you call me call me himanshu in a long time (i din't technically hear it, but i guess it counts).

Aggie M said...

@N: this place is something else when it rains :)

@Himanshu: My blog is happy now :D

SSD said...

IIT chennai has white deer. Even I was shocked on seeing them.