Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yellow submarine

I think the Beatles are pretty out there. Their music is so weird and happy. As if if you OD on them, you'll have yellow glitter oozing out of your pores.
Yellow submarine heads the list of happy-weird songs. Im placidly content in my closed little world here. I live for Lost and sweaty bus trips down crowded roads.
Shwetu, Happy Birthday :D
Im doing all I can to avoid moaning inwardly at the thought of you being,like,40 gazillion miles away.
why cant you be moronic and lazy and stick your scrawny bum in one country :| ???
have an awesome birthday man.
Fans of The Shwetu may pay their homage with comments.


William Deng-Deng K. said...

First comment! \m/

Yellow submarine? Beatles?

Which episode/season are u currently on Weasel?

And Happy Birthday Shwetu. Deng's wishes. :)

Aggie M said...

First yay!!
Yeah,Beatles its almost like a nursery rhyme. I love it.
Season 3 ep 19. Jack is being rude to Kate! This is bliss!! And Locke, I could castrate him for blowing the sub up :|
Shwetu's bday :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Jack sucks. And they have these.


Nikhil Balachander said...

gobbledegook !! ( I thot even this would do ) :D

Nikhil Balachander said...

I really am LOST when it comes to comment on this post .. cuz i have never seen LOST or listened to the BEATLES except for the song ' I wanna hold your Hand ' which the Tyrant keeps swooning to often :D .
Evrybody seems to b hooked to LOST !! why ?

Btw , Happy Birthday , Shweta :P !!

gynelwazlib said...

a lil too late on the blogosphere... but happy bday shwetu....


yellow it..

Shweta said...

nikhil, popat/ravi/deng, suchi, thanks so much :), i had a good birthday!

aggie, your posts get more psychedelic by the day, machi :P. and i agree with nikhil, gobbledegook sums this post up. and yeah, 40 gazillion miles feels just about right. i can't even be online at the same time as you guys.

agnes said...

@Deng: Dont diss the love of my life :| Jack's the man. Locke sucks.
@Count: Tyrant seems to be a man of many facets!I want to hold your hand!! that is one of their sappier songs ;)
Lost. Sigh. what do I say. Its awesome. I mean hot people on a deserted island, ample deaths, the ocean. Its good. And not brainless.
@Muchi: Dude, life sucks without you. hard.
@Shwetu: good bithday? cool! yay :)
is psychedelic good? i miss thy online self :|