Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you dance like a Hippogriff?

Turns out, I can!
Its what i did on the road outside the GRE center stranger with auto drivers looking appalled and street urchins laughing.
But you know, sometimes, you just have to do that little jig :)
Today is the day that redeemed these hols in one fell swoop.

GRE is over. I can breathe and forget what exegesis means. 1560 people. I could die!

I saw HP 6!

Mind blowing graphics, smooth acting and a hotter Rupert Grint. I was a Puddle Of Aggie.
Sensory overload.
Cant type.


shweta said...




and ZOMG first comment!

and dibs on being your official fangirl-flunkie. PSSSSH suchi.

Count Grishnackh said...

1560 !!! Hail Weasel King !! I hereby genuflect in front of you and beseech you to buttress my GRE preps hence :P. HP-6 is awesome , rite ??

William Deng-Deng K. said...




Awe! And yeah. Respect!

And The Count thus falls for he asked for help.

Aggie M said...

@Shwetu: First comment gets 40,000 sheets of bubble wrap free :)
Only clause is that they have to collect it in person. HA.
We can be each others flunkies :)
i mean, I have been yours for ages anyway.

@Count: I'd be honored to!!
And HP 6! they maul the storyline but the sfx!!
Killer stuff

@Deng: Surprisingly, those were the first words that flitted through my brain too :)
The Count will kick butt man.

Blue~Flame said...

Me no fangirl flunkie shwetu.
We soul/sole-mate!!

And 1560!! I know!!

Sharanya said...

Aggie, Aggie, I take my GRE on the 9th of September, I have no idea what a good score is and what a bad score is coz I'm taking the TOE-frickin-FL on the 8th of August and I'm just beginning to get a grasp of what THAT is and in the middle of it all, I went off to watch IT and loved it and thought it was the best of the lot and now I'm practicing for the TOE-ew-FL online and your post reminded me of the GRE and how wonderfully capable I am of writing awful sentences.

But 1560 is a 4 digit figure and I have always respected those...AGGIE IS OUR KING!!!!!!!!!!!!! *whistles* COngratulations, AG!

Sharanya said...

Ps: Do I get bubble wrap too? I discovered this awsome bubblewrap bursting site. Here--

Also, BLESS me so that I can follow your footsteps, coz I dont know HOW I'm score at all on the GRE! *weeps*

Ravi Teja Synti said...

wow, danced on the street?
wud hav loved to see that :D

Himanshu said...

1560, thats truly GODlike

SSD said...

Freaking nailed it all the way to the US and back to India. Nice score.

Did you catch the horror that was HP6 movie?