Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sky Pie.

3 days till I scram :)

This blog is living upto its usual erratic and weird standards. Like, I blabbered about the rain and random songs, but I cant write about the major significant stuff that happened in this whole 2month long chunk of life. Missing the point. I've got it down to an art form.

Anyway, in strict order of importance:
1. Dee's home: This is the awesomest place to spend a Sunday. You step into its calm sheltered peace and unwind. I can feel bits of me actually melting from the sheer relief of warm sambar and a mother :)

2. Tada!!!!
When I first saw the mountain, this is what flitted through my brain : Big. So Big.
I mean I can't tell you exactly how high it was. All I can think of is words like ginormous, and turns out that isn't even a word.
Tada is a tiny village near the Tamil nadu- andhra border and its has an immensely trekkable mountain with waterfalls on top to make all that prancing and jumping slippery rocks worthwhile.
You follow a dry riverbed upstream and keep climbing up rocks. Trees, monkeys and wacky flowers provide the scenery and there were some pretty awesome lizards too. the breeze is sweet and cool. For details read Wordsworth.

The waterfalls on top were apparently good. I never swam out that far to verify. But this green pebbly pool was sweet :)
The best part was when we were sunning out on a huge boulder right on top. You look up and see this rectangular slice of sky, hemmed in by huge cliff faces and ferns. You know exactly how tiny and tired you are. But its okay, just for that shade of blue, that sound of running water, and the pretty ferns.
We for the record were : Mahita, Bharat, Srini, Spidey, Aman, Priya, Preeti and me. Tada rocked mostly because of them :D
These pics are from spidey's cam and one from my phone. I wasnt kidding about the green pool.

3. There was of course more: trips to Landmark, bus rides, deer spotting, Horlicks at 11 in the night, PG Wodehouse, walks in the rain and tiny objects that fly(Spidey, I owe you one ).

Chennai's over. I think I know what to do with the rest of my life and I'm officially in love with my prof for his awesomeness.

I just want home now. Bombay in the rains is surreal :)


William Deng-Deng K. said...

1. Its hot here and not raining. As hot as Nigeria or Sudan. :|

2. Tada! Had u laughed over the name when u'd heard it for the first time? Can i? But looks like a nice place. Waterfalls and all. :)

3. Me thinks me gonna become a hippy/rubber-tramp/whatever. :D

Nikhil Balachander said...

So Chennai was awesome fun , rite ?? Summer Interns really rock in that sense ...new place , new friends . I miss Bangalore sooooooooo much . And with GRE looming over my head , i can barely compare the freedom of bangalore to the chained-at-home mugger i have become now :P . Best of luck for your GRE . U'l rock the exam for sure :D . I have postponed mine to early August btw .

agnes said...

@Deng: This blog awards William Deng-Deng K 40,000 bubble wrap sheets for being the first one to comment.
1. Yuck :( i think nagpur will be better. Atleast it rains there.
2. Yeah I did. It brings to mind that Pixar movie Presto. Some magician waiting to pull a bunny out"TADAAA..."
3. Me too!!! Its the only life worth living. We'll team up and tramp sometimes :)

@Balu: Chennai was awesome!!! This intern just me expand my horizons and all that blah :)
GRE. damn. Im still giving it on 17th july. With only a week worth of prep when I get back. Its impossible to study here :|
Ill pass on all the actual dope on the exam once Im done. Stupid bozos just recycle words :)

Sharanya said...

TADA! You know, when i read that, I thought it was the exclamation, you know-- "Tada! I'm here!" :D Bombay in the rains IS surreal. Come back, come back!

Ravi Teja Synti said...

gobbledegook :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...

2. yaayy my name has been mentioned no less than THREE times!!
I feel like 3 time Oscar award winner :P :D
only, strangely, no1 (in the comments) asked who this "spidey" is -_-

3. wow, if Dharini's house was better than Tada, we shud hav all gone there :P

4. Nooooo!! I shud hav been the one to get the bubble wraps!! do i atleast get 10 of them? consolation prize :P

Blue~Flame said...

Gre! gre! dont say it! it makes me go a delicate shade of green.

@deng: I'm rolling btw, Tada! what kind of name is Tada?! It's like the exclamation (@sharan)!!

@balu: early aug, hmm. Me, mid Oct. Good luck! and it sucks!

@spidey: I didn't ask since i know u r the nice boy who gave her the spidey comics :|

@mag: hey ur comments secn have bcm a chat site :)

Respond everyone!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

I heard this is temporarily converted into a chat section?

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Yes it is!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

This is a frickin chat site now! Weasel, I want more bubblewrap as reward. This is my fourth comment to this post of urs. :D

Ravi Teja Synti said...

1.1 GRE. I'd like to see how a blue flame turns green :P Usually we'd need to add copper to do that in the lab :)

2.1 I guess Tada's been named so cuz evry1 who comes there shouts that out as soon as they see the place :P

3.1 @Blue-Flame. oh thanks thanks :) are u at iitm too?

4.1 Yeahhh let's chat every1!
:P :D

Aggie M said...

Children, I love you all :D
@Sharan: Im coming!!!!
fingers crossed for the rains to hold out!

@Blue Flame: Suchi gets this blog in the event of my death. Seeing as she is so free with comments anyway :)
And tada, that kind of name is just awesome!!!

@Deng: 30 more sheets of bubble wrap to Deng! Im extremely partial to him :) yes,this is now an unofficial chat site. this blog could do no better

@Spidey: Yay! its you.
1. Flipertygibbet
2.Dee's place is magic. And immensly climbable too :)
3. 10 sheets to spidey. Have fun :D

@everyone: The guy with the weird hair is Ravi (yeah, Deng, I swear you're all over the place)
He climbs things, likes comics and things that fly. hence he is once of us now.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Tada!! (@ BF, @ Sharanya) I'm here again! And Weasel, what the hell! 40,000 first and now just 30? :|

Another Ravi! I tell you. We are so ubiquitous. Wassup! (@ Ravi/Spidey) Welcome to the X club. :P We should give it a name, eh? :D

This conversational partner has disconnected.


Blue~Flame said...

Can i name the club? Can i name the club?

@sharan: u r excused. I'm sure u r too busy to be indulging in puerile frivolity as this.

@spidey: no, actually not. I happen to be mag's soul mate. we 'hear' each other. btw, Hi!! your blogs weirdly eccentric and awesome!and dont make chem jokes. plz, one begs with with cushions in hands and all..

@deng: deng's my 'blog-mate' it's official. we now need a ring made of weed! deng u get that.

@balu:where r u?

@mag: was it even up for discussion? dude i totally get EVERYTHING is mine when u die, or i killu to get tht. whatever i have no use of i'll give it to ur other family. the birth one i mean.
I totally rock ur blog!

Ravi Teja Synti said...

@ Aggie
1. Flipertigibet,
Lets go to Tibet
lots of cool mountains there, I bet :P :D

2. u shud see MY place. it's climbable, eatable, sleepable, smellable :P :P

3. thanks for the wrap.... pop pop pop........ pop goes the Weasel ;) :P

hai :)
wow i'm a part of 'The Gang' already?? :D u guys dont have admission tests for newbies? :P

@Deng. wow, cool name u have. If u knew telugu, u'd be amused at what it meant :P :D
are u a Ravi too? O_O
yup some name like The X men or something :P u guys decide :)
Aggie will draw us all costumes. hehehe
( Will wait till u reconnect :P )

@ Blue Flame
hai :)
1.ohya i hav a hearing aide too :P i tell her all my stories b4 i even write in my blog :D it's really cool having such a frnd :)
actually, the first 2 posts of my blog were copied from the chat i had with her :D
2.lol...thanks, maybe i shud post more. i only do when i hav emotional outbursts
3. ah, ur name, and u turning green.. too good an opportunity to pass :) :P
u can blame aggie for getting me into chem mood :P :P

ah..... i feel like i've written a blog post -_-

Blue~Flame said...

I want admission in USC!!! USC!!
Is anybody coming with me to USC?

Blue~Flame said...

@spidey: yeah, its ok. anyway, post more. post about ur red highlights!

Nikhil Balachander said...

OMG !! I sure have missed some action here . Folks , I was out the whole day . Here , I am . GRE is now beginning to engulf my life completely .... all i do is MUG MUG MUG :P . And let me introduce myself to Spidey : I am the weirdly named VISCOUNT FROM VNIT aka COUNT GRISHNACKH ( the blackest ov the black :D :D )

agnes said...

And suchi has just expanded her social circle :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Aggie : Weasel, 20th comment's mine! I'm a comments-on-only-awesome-numbers guy. :D

@ Balu : Dude. Screw GRE man. Post more. Comment more. Its the new trend. :P All of us could do with yet another pic from the Count's secret diary.

@ BF : Blog-mate! And it rained! Happy things happening suddenly. Ring made of the best weed in existence. We'r so gonna smoke it up. :)
Name the club! :P Something other than Yo. That's already taken. :D

@ Spidey : William Deng Deng K. Its no ordinary name. Its the name of the mightiest man on Earth. :P Come. We can join forces and fight against The Count who plans to destroy this planet with his pink-ice-cream eating skills. :D
What does it mean btw? Deng in telegu? o.O

Aggie M said...

This just keeps getting madder.
I dont know whom this is aimed @
Ill try:
@Deng: Yeah dude, you picked all the awesome numbers. Balu's blog is so aweosme now.
I had a mini stroke when i saw it
@Spidey: you're in the gang. Not that there is one, considering Suchi and Deng have technically never met.
if there was a hypothetical gang, you're so in :)
And please get those highlights for real. every strand of your screams out for it
@BF: Ha Much-o! Im coming!!!!

Blue~Flame said...

@Universe: There is no Ravi here! Puhleez!!There are Dengs and Spideys! :)

@deng: Im thinking you dont wanna knw the meaning, am i right spidey?

@balu:oh, i have nothing to say as of now, Hi!

@everybody: Can our gp name be 'Taking the Hickey'?? The Hickeys??

Blue~Flame said...

@spidey: The redhighlights are photoshop!! It's photoshop!! SPidey!!!! Kept me in dark and all. I no talk.

Ravi Teja Synti said...


The answer to the universe, and eveything mentioned above :P cuz it's too much effort to reply -_-
:) :P

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Weasel : Balu's blog is awesome indeed. With the new template and all. And of course, with that pic of his, he's on a roll! :D

@ BF : Is it so? Now i definitely wanna know. :| The Hickeys? :P

@ Spidey : Good. Good. ( ? )

@ Balu : Oi. Where the phook art thou?

@ Everyone : This is madness.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

And the 25th comment was mine too! I'm so happy! Lets see who gets the 27th comment. 27 is cool too.

Ravi Teja Synti said...

yaaayy i got the 27th!! :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...

@ Blue Flame
yeap, USC = Ultimate Spidey Camp!!
Please come, u'll love it :P :D

yaa sure, I'd love to boast abt my (imaginary) red locks in my blog :D :P

@ Nikhil
GRE is the Great Relaxation Experience. Indulge urself in it :P :P
but good man, if i tried looking into a book i'd fall asleep in 20 mins. all the best :)

Count GRISHNACH????? O_O
Wow, what is that??!! sounds like Russian name

and hey, i checked our ur blog. pink icecream disappearing into a pink mouth :P :D

@ Aggie
When flames expand thier (social) circle, it's called an Explosion! :D :P

yay, i'm IN the gang :D
wow, so suchi and deng are blog mates only? nice :)
and yaa...... i'll see if i can paint them red myself (i hav fabric paints :P ), or i'll find some place to do it :D
the blue part isnt that necessary huh?

@ Deng
haha, Mightiest man on Earth?? wow, how?? and ya,, the double 'Deng' in the name is cool :P haha
indeed, let us join forces. Is the honor urs or is it mine? :P :P
hey i like strawberry icecream too :D :P

Dengu = (um, shud i say it?......) f*** in telugu :D :P
Dengei = f*** off :P haha
True, ur name holds so much power :P

@ Suchi (BF)
ya, let's see if it was wise on my part to reveal deng's telugu identity :P :P

Who are the Hickeys? O_o
some family like the Simpsons?

ok, another flame joke at ya (sorry in advance :P )
How can i keep you, a flame, in the dark?? Where there is a flame, there is light! :P :P
but then, yeah, i never said that hair was real! :)
Doesnt photoshop ROCK!! :D

@ The universe.
yippa yay
i got new clothes todayy!
lots of shopping
and some street walking
blah blah
blah blah blah!

Nikhil Balachander said...

@ Spidey : I am sorry but Count Grishnackh isnt remotely Russian :P . In case u dig into Tolkien/LOTR this guy is the second Orc , a subordinate of Uruk-Hai , the greatest Orc :P. And yes , Pink icecream in a Pink Mouth .... one of the few most embarassing moments of my otherwise 'Black' life captured in print !!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

30!! I just watched The Matrix Revolutions and Torque simultaneously! And they're now showing Troy! Ecstasy!

@ Spidey : U so got 27. But then u did 28, which is equally uncool. :P
And about that telegu thing. Is it so? Man! I dont know whether to be happy or to be sad or :| . I think I'll just be :| .
The honor is mine. U can say its urs too. BF can join too. Her blue flames are the only things that can torch and hence kill that Count. :P

@ BF : Where art thou?

@ Balu : Dude. Wait till the coll starts. The force is so not with u this time. :D :D :D

@ Weasel : This is the best blog EVER!

@ Everyone : Again. This is madness. :D

Blue~Flame said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blue~Flame said...

Edit: I removed the earlier comment bcz of typos :|

I'm so confused, where should I begin?

Point 1: Nobody responded to my gp name, Taking the Hickey (and hickey means love bite/drunk hiccup [i think] and also Brits keep saying 'you taking the mickey' for r u serious)

Deng: My child, here I am.

Spidey: You are awful in the jokes dept! ;p And also keeping flames in the dark person. Get real highlights, that's the only way you'll redeem yourself in my eyes. Red and Blue, no fabric colors.

Dang again: We have never even met each other, have we?! Nor even spoken, cm to think I don't think I have spoken to Balu much either :| Balu wasn't much of a socialite in the Malgudi days :)

Balu: DID WE EVER SPEAK IN SCHOOL? And yes, ur blog does rock now. Did u take a course? and 'phook' sounds Thai for f***.

Spidey: You are the full-form guy hmm? What's the full form of SPIDEY?? and DENGU!!! DENGEI!! Ewwwww...why? why? I told you Deng, no!

Mag: Since it's ur blog, hi!! You're coming my love........................


Blue~Flame said...

Deng: About KAMBAKHT ISHQ! You know, the movie you saw? Spent money on?


Im dead?! It's a wonder u r still with the living after that!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

34! 9th number of Fibonacci sequence!

Tell me people, am I going insane?
-Ozzy Osbourne, Am I Going Insane.

@ BF : I responded! I responded! I said " :P " ! So dont say nobody responded!

Yeah. I've heard stories of Balu's nerdy self dominating his outgoing one. In the Malgudi days. :) That makes blogs awesome i guess. Doesnt it?

KI still haunts. What. A. Movie.
And laugh all u want. But make a mistake and I'll be waiting to pounce. Mark my words kiddo. And mark them well. U will make a mistake soon. :D :D :D (U remember what those were, dont u?) :P

And I guess the newly attached telegu meaning to my name gives me a more badass identity? I think I'll now be :) instead of :| . Grr! I'm so badass. Grr!

@ Balu : U took a course! BURN!

@ Spidey : They're photoshop? That's cool! I can now have a red goatee!

@ Weasel : EVER!

Aggie M said...

Weasel is gobsmacked.
Since I have absoluelty no idea who said what
All the cool comment numbers get free hickeys from Suchi.
contact her for immediate bright red marks all over you :)
I'm home and this blog just surpassed all my expectations and then some.
Balu, that pic really is something ;)

Blue~Flame said...

Since most of the cool comment numbers are Deng, he'll be positively minced by the time I've done.

But wait! I'm not giving anybody hickeys!!!! I mean, yeah he's Deng but still!

And Deng, I've seen you! Just remembered. I have seen the Goa pics. You are the guy on the bike with the hair and the goatee.

Blue~Flame said...

Spidey: Even I got new clothes!!! Yes!! An off white kurta and i got arty stuff from Hobby Ideas! And i had falafels!
*suspiciously* where are you btw?

William Deng-Deng K. said...

I'm not saying anything till we hit 40. 38 is so uncool. :(

Till then, btw, I'm all :| and Grr.

Blue~Flame said...

Deng: Fine i do u favor, being blogmate and all. Go on. :)

agnes said...

Yay!! 40 is mine :D
though I think 42 is cooler. Considering it holds the key to life, the universe and everything.
Ill take hickeys from Hugh Jackman only.
or Ashton Kutcher
Strictly in that order

agnes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ravi Teja Synti said...

yeah HAHAA!! I got 42!! Coolest cool of all :P
Now what, i get totally red hair? :D bright flaming weasely red :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...

aah, i'm sorry for the delay, every1..... I was off saving the world.. not :P went to meet my relatives :)
and i bought a FOOTBALL YAAY!!! Play time!!


I did read LOTR but it was looooooooooong ago and I forgot most of it :(
So why did u choose the subordinate's identity instead of the master's? :P
haha, which part of ur life is supposed to be black, exactly? :) :P
What's this destruction mission of urs that Deng keeps talking abt? :P

@ Deng

how can u watch 2 movies simultaneously?? unless u entered the Matrix world (by plugging that cable in ur skull) and then watching a virtual Torque movie :P

aaaah.... DAMN!!! i shudnt hav got 28. but then, now i got 42 which compensates for EVERYTHINg, including the universe :D :P

haha, comeon, ur name is awesome..... be happy :P

wow blue flames are the hottest, we all know that! So if we know the Count's weakness, why havent we torched him yet? :P :P

naah, u arent going insane, u're already there!!! :P since quite a long time, i might add :)

yup!! free and extremely easy. i already did a few colorings for my frnds. they put them as their orkut dps n such :D i'd be happy to do urs too :) (maybe i can add some horns too hehee :P)

@ BF
so what, we are The Hickeys now? :) cool enuf
aaww aww, i guess my career as a joker is over :P but i'll still keep working in the joke dept, maybe i'll get a promotion :D :P
umm um umm.......... ~ ~ ~ whistle whistle ~ ~ ~ What was that abt hair colors?? :P
The Full Form guy----- always in his full form, never partial :-? :)
SPIDEY stands for .............. justice, equality, heroism and cute girls. :P
but SPIDEY also stands for spider powered intelligent & ebullient yankee :D :P

Wow, i LOVE arty stuff!! I bought 3 plain tee shirts 2 days ago. 2 white and 1 black. I plan on painting on them and wearing them to everywhere :D
I already drew a spider symbol on my jeans a few months ago :D
i might even make my own cool super hero costume! :D
u do art too?

falafels O_o first time me hearing this. sounds cool :)

@ Aggie....... haha, sorry, comment madness still continues inspite of ur new post :P :P
how's mumbai?

@ The universe
I get the "Biggest post on the post" Award :D

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ BF : Thanku Thanku. But then, I lost 40. And 42 too. Now I'm stuck with 44. That's super-uncool. So my angry growl just redoubled.

@ Spidey : First things first. Coincidence! I bought plain tees too! And I plan to do some art on them too! What. A. Coincidence.

Anyway, we havent yet destroyed The Count because he'd gone underground after the Thirty Fourth War. Now he has surfaced again. So we've got a shot at it.

Torque was on HBO and TMR was on Z-Studio. And yup. I was watching both of them simultaneously. But I wont tell u how. Its a secret.

And I'm already insane? :|

My goatee's going blue someday. Hail Photoshop!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

And @ Weasel : Madness continues! Hail Sky Pie!


Blue~Flame said...

Spidey, you have to photoshop my hair. 1 blue streak and 1 red. getit?

Blue flames are the hottest ;p

COINCIDENCE!!!!! I have bought stuff from Hobby Ideas to paint on Tees!! And any surface i can find! My mom has already stowed the good sheets, pillows, curtains, clothes outta sight :|

I'm the most awesome super-hero btw, (cue: Ask Maggie about Super-Suchi, her very own patented comic book)

spider powered intelligent & ebullient yankee, cool, but why are you a yankee?
and ur jokes still suck! promotion a long time away. You better redouble the efforts on photoshop.

Should I blog or something?

Ravi Teja Synti said...

@ Deng
cumon, 44 is soo cool!!!
actually, 4 is very cool. so 44 is veryvery cool :P and 444 is veryveryvery cool. u get it :P

@ Deng and BF
Wow, really??? Nice man! So many artists here!
what a coincidence indeed!! And Suchi too?? OMG!! triple coincidence!
we shud all do our stuff and write blogs abt it, put up the pics of our work. that'll be fun :D

umm how soon are u guys planning on doing it? I'm kinda lazy, i never know when i'll get inspiration :|

@ Deng
34th war? between who and who?
wow, even after 34 wars, it hasnt settled?? Must be two helluva opponents on either side :P

lol u still watch tv? how old are u? :P :P
I last saw tv when i was 14 :(
i thot the youth these days use only their PCs...... i guess i got used to that cuz i lived in a hostel for 4 years. ppl are glued to their pcs

ah i wonder what the secret is .. :P
u hav 2 tvs and ur eyes hav the awesome power of seeing & comprehending two different things at the same time? :P
an eyec for each movie :D and i guess an ear for each too :D
left brain for TMR, right brain for Torque :P
(wow,this is nobel prize stuff!!)

u know photoshop then? :)

ok sure...... tell me where u want the streaks. (wow, does this mean i get to see u? :P :D )
haha, niice. i'm free to experiment on whatever i want :P But i'll restrict to just shirts and pants :)
And what kinda paints do we hav to use, exactlty? and we need to iron the cloth after painting na? cuz the last time i painted, the colors wore off on washing :(

aH, u are? O_O even better than Spidey?? :P Maggie did mention she made a comic strip for her frnd..... u're the lucky one huh :D

ah, I'm not a yankee. SPIDEY is. I am just Spidey :P :D
and i didnt know till after i invented the acronym that yankee was kind of an insult :P I thot it was just a cool slang for American :)

i plan on upgrading from photoshop, actually..... i plan on learning animation :D

shud u blog? Arent u already blogging?

Wheres count Grishnach??? Busy Greing hah

And I guess Aggie left us kids to take care of her blog :D :P

Blue~Flame said...

Mags' busy! GRE and some chindi stuff like that.
You have to wash and iron, yeah, even mine got washed but I used paints last time...Ironing cements apparently..
But this time I have got good stuff from Hobby Ideas - you know marker type colors and a glitter type thingy which looks like the ornate embroidery...And they are all fabric!
I'm so eggzziitteeddd!!!

I'm not understanding the train of conversation related to TV's and #4th wars and bi-moves and eyes. WHAT?!

And oh, Balu is also involved with the above said chindi stuff.

Blue~Flame said...

By, blog, I meant, post.
It's so bugging.

Blue~Flame said...

HALF CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raise bat to heaven. 2 minutes of silence.
Take that suckers!

And oh, I'll put up my pic or something Spidey, you can photoshop my hair :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Alright. I've lost track of who said what. But I'll try. And since we're at 50 now, well, 51, but whatever, we can start something anew, eh? No. Lets continue with the same convos. What? Am I making any sense?

@ Spidey : 34th war? Yeah. We've been fighting for a long long time. So we just have to annihilate him now.

And yeah! YEAH! I WATCH TV! U got a problem, eh? Punk?

Powers. I dare not utter anything so publicly. People want my them badly. Ack! Hush!

I got the tees alright. I already have something in mind. But I'm too lazy to get started with it. I'm in love with Lady Sloth.

@ BF : GRE indeed is chindi. Its a fucking epidemic! Everyone wants to go to the States! Why? Stay here I say, eh?

U got stuff too? Well, Since Spidey and I are too wasted on sloth to start anything, u can inaugurate or something. Do ur art and upload a pic of u holding ur art and smiling. :D Ha ha! I'm ROFLMFAO at my own comment!

People! Lets make it till 100, shall we?

Balu and Weasel disappeared. :(

Blue~Flame said...

Chuck them, we are funner anyway.
You no know my slothness.
i'll give it a try though.

I know! What is with the epidemic?! My dad thinks it's just some fad or tactic. The other day he suddenly turns to me and says 'Is it about the money? If you want, I'll transfer 20 lacs to your account".


Ravi Teja Synti said...

I didnt hav an iron box in my hostel so I put the painted shirt in sunlight for a while, hoping it wud do the trick :D ...obviously it didnt :|
wow, I saw those glitter pens in a mall once but didnt buy them tho... They can make any cloth shiny shiny glimmering sparkly :D and they come in various colors too, na?
i wonder, if we can draw everything with markers easily, why do we need fabric paints? It's messy working with liquid paints.

The TV thing.....
I mean that if we separate the workings of our eyes, we can perceive two things at the same time.
Like, with ur left eye u can concentrate on a guy walking, with ur right u can read a book.... They say the brain can do 4 things simultaneously.
And also, if we play 2 songs simultaneously we can filter out one song and conc on the other if we focus. If we have super focusing powers (as super heroes do :P ) we can listen to BOTH the songs at the same time :D

Thus we can watch two movies simulatenously.
tho i donno what method Deng used :)

yaa, i shud hav posted the above theory in my blog... I think all of us are writing on Aggie's comment page what cud be awesome posts in our own blogs :P
i guess we are dedicating all this to Aggie :P
we'll take it to 100. that'll be nice :D

Ah, if u are putting up a pic, can i still see it in the original quality? Cuz when u upload it to ur display pic, it gets tiny.
better mail the pic to shaolin.kungfu.ohyeah@gmail.com (oh i love my email id :D )

@ Deng
ah, Count Grishnach has gone underground into the caves of GRE along with other goblins/ orcs of his kind :P
we'll postpone the battle.

nope, why wud i have any problems.

Looks like all of us love Lady Sloth :) Maybe we shud keep a deadline for ourselves and do it? :P

yeah i totally dont wanna go abroad. Especially cuz if i go, the reporters will keep photographing me :P :P

20 lakhs?!! haha :D
that'll be fun. tell him u will, and then u can enjoy the cash and avoid going :P :P
even my dad was saying stuff like "we can sell the lands we own, no problem!"
no thanks :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ BF : I know. We rock. The Sky Pie Trio. :P Howzzat!
Anyway, I hate all this GRE-crap. Why mug words? Its an insult to the English language. Eh? But I think I will have to take that stupid exam someday. :|
And u refused? 20 lacs! Pass some of them to me, will ya? :D

@ Spidey : I wanna go abroad too. Not to study. But to roam. In the future perhaps when I have enough money, I'll plan a trip across the globe on a bike. U guys can join too. :) We'll enlighten the ignorant freaks out there of our existence. :D

I'm tired. I'm lazy. I'll cover the remaining topics some other time.


Ravi Teja Synti said...

wow what are all u guys doing....... am i the only jobless person here? :D

Count Grishnackh said...

@ Spidey : No , u rent the only jobless guy out ther ... count the Count in too :P . Ah.... to ur queries as to y i chose the name of a subordinate Viscount rather than the master ( who incidentally is URUK-HAI ..an even more fucked up name :) ) ... i happen to be an afficionado of Norwegian Black Metal...one of my fav. musicians goes by the name CG..and blah...blah.. This happens to be the only part of my life that's black :P .

@ Evryone else : I am sorry i wasnt there all this while ... had traded bloggin for muggin ( 2 of the best ways to kill time :P ) . This blog is spiralling into a foreseeable pandemonium ...especially now that the Count is here :D .

Ravi Teja Synti said...

man u gotta brief me in 0n music too.
i heard of death metal, heavy metal and metal, but what is Black metal O_O

muggin is one of the best ways to kill time????????? in which world?? :O

hey we can chat here and maybe get it to 90 ;)

Blue~Flame said...

Balu: There are many ways to kill time. Taking a blunt knife and trying repeatedly to slice the air is one of them, but mugging is not. Nope, not a chance. GRE is getting to you. Go (drink)/(gulp)

Deng: I totally forgot what I was gonna say to you. BTW, you know speaking about black metal, Mag got me ear-rings. She gets me ear-rings from every place she visits. :) Sweet na? But guess what?! This time she got me ear-rings that are IDENTICAL to the ones given to me LAST TIME!!!

Spidey: Yeah, those markers really rock! I'm just looking for a good surface to use them. And those sparkly things are cooleth too. Yeah, they come in different colors.

Universe: I got cute off-white sandals today! They are gorgeous!

And I'm taking the 20 lacs, one way or the other :)
And you know why I wanna go?! Bcz the next time I try to buy a new jeans, my mom doesn't go "Don't you look fatter in those?"

Let's all go to the same place...We can then tear them apart!

Blue~Flame said...

You know, commenting here exhausts me so much, that I sign out of my blog and don't write the intended post.

Blue~Flame said...

59 is cool too coz that's my Roll No!

Ravi Teja Synti said...

yaayy now 3 of us here.
if we stick around for 10 mins we can take it to 90 or even finish off the century without giving Deng any credit :P :P

Blue~Flame said...

Let's do that!
spidey I'm adding you to my blog-roll
Cue: Go awwwwww

But i Like Deng, he's my blog mate :|

Ravi Teja Synti said...


why am i shouting all this??
cuz i passed my 10th exams yayyy :P :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...

ooh i get it. Black metal music is the sounds made when ppl wear black metal bangles on both arms and bang them together :D :P

@ BF
great, u got new footwear, i got new football. How do we connect them both so the ball flies? :P

well, i sign in just to reply to these comments anyway, i've nothing to blog :))

aww alright we'll take it till 90, give Deng 90-95 and we'll complete 100 :D

Ravi Teja Synti said...

yeahh we'll form a Bikers Gang or something. with superhero touches. Costumes, customized bikes, and a Hickey Flag.
We;ll spread our religion wherever we go :D

And who's the techie in this gang?? Our bikes shud be able to fly and also run on water if we wanna go all over the world with them :D :P

Blue~Flame said...

Umm, you guys are slow!
I have to go!

*Wow that rhymed*

Blue~Flame said...

Oh, wait
I'll wait

*wow that rhymed too, I'm on a roll*

Let the ball not fly.

Umm, 10 th exams? Ok, btw, what do you actually do Spidey? (I'm begging, no jokes)

I blogged too!

Ravi Teja Synti said...

Awww noo!!
please dont goo!!
(that rhymed too :P :D)

Ravi Teja Synti said...

just noticed!!
the Big Bang!!
and in a poetic fashion too!! Awesome! :)
I like rhyming stuff too :D and I write poems when i'm happy

anyway, ah I just graduated. btech in comp sci from, u know, iitm

and u???

and i'd like to know what Balu and Deng do too :)

Blue~Flame said...

Oh you graduate already? I knew about IITM.
Balu and Deng are in VNIT with Mag. Same year. Don't know which streams.
I'm in 3rd year, BTech. Bioinformatics. Don't ask, I still don't know what Replication is.

So what are the plans now?

Ravi Teja Synti said...

well yeaaahh, I'm just a year older than u all. So maybe I shud be the team leader????? :P :P

Mag is doing Chem, that I know :D
Balu must be doing Vampire Studies
and Deng must be,,,,,doing something amazing, from the sound of it :D

Ah, bio... u and mag can collaborate. which colg??
somewhere in mumbai?
cuz i am coming there next!!!!!!!! :D
(say wow :P )

Blue~Flame said...

Really?! Cool! You'll obviously being meeting Maggie, right?
I'm in DY Patil.
Why are you coming btw?

And those are the actual lyrics, not something I made up?
And are you going to be so rude as to not comment at all?

No no, if anybody leads the Hickey it's me! I'm not sure if you've noticed yet but the spirit of Monica (FRIENDS) is channeled in me :)

Ravi Teja Synti said...

yeah, hope so.
Mag said she comes home every month or so from college, so we can plan up then :)

I am coming there cuuuz.... Hyd doesnt hav tall enuf buildings for me to swing on, it's really slow traveling by jumping from rooftop to rooftop :P :P

ok, seriously, I gotta join Morgan Stanley there. Goregaon mein. Starts on august 24 :|

ah, i thot u wrote the poem :|
anyway i didnt read the whole thing yet, thus no comments :P
but i will

Blue~Flame said...

Morgan Stanley?!
You are rich!
Treat's on you!
I'm gonna scram now.

Deng: Missed you

Ravi Teja Synti said...

bye byee :)

we cudnt get it to 90 tho :|
Looks like Deng is needed after all :P

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Here's a poem. Since poetic a mood, it was.

What the..! Eh?
How did this happen? Meh.
Where the fuck was I?!
54 and now 75!

I'm a poet too now. !

Seriously. I'm very upset. I missed so many cool numbers. And so much of chatter. :| This is not done.

@ Spidey : Morgan and Stanley, eh? Impressive! Good Good. :) I want a treat at Hard-Rock-Cafe. And I'm gonna gulp. Big-time-gulp. So u better come loaded. :P

I'm in Mech btw. VNIT. The suckiest college out there. Eww.

@ BF and Spidey : I have an idea. Weasel and BF can work together and try to concoct the most efficient fuel/bio-diesel possible, and u, Spidey, can capitalize and I'll try making a super-chopper. Howzzat!

Black metal btw is a genre of music. :)

@ BF : U hit 75! Without me. Ouch. But u didnt hit 90. So its alright. :) Coz 90's something beyond me. Giga-awesome and all. I want 90. Just so that u know. :D

Bio-tech! That's so cool! U know, I had taken Biology in my 11th grade just so that I could study Genetics. I loved that subject. :) I dropped Bio later on though.

I got my ear pierced! But then I removed the very-gay-looking studs because I didnt have better earrings and guess what. :| The holes filled up. I didnt know that would happen so quickly. :| Now I'll have to get it done again. :|

20 Lacs! And off-white sandals. :)

Aggie M said...

Mommies here, kiddies :)


its cutting into my awesomeness time.
Spidey and Suchi will both be smothered in bear hugs for this.
It cracks me up to see the exponential increase in comments.
This humble blog is tickled pink.
I want to be 100!!
I got 11 books!! In one day ;)
2 of them are Capn Underpants! rejoice!!
A rusty iron nail poked my foot.
Saw pride and prejudice on TV. Every bit of me aches for Colin Firth :|
Want. Want. Want. Lust. want. cant think straight. want. need.

Count Grishnackh said...

@ Spidey , Suchi : Black metal is an extreme and epic subgenre of death metal generally based on satanic themes . Simply speaking , it is Music harsh to the common man's ears..but not the Count :D . And the Count growls ( :P Black metal vocals ) too....ask Ag, Deng for proof.
And ya ... i am a student of Metallurgical & Materials engg. ( see..there's metal even here :P )

@ Aggie : I need help...i am hardly studyin for a few hrs a day...my wordlists r headin nower....quant not started ....Pls save me !!

Count Grishnackh said...

@ Aggie : I think i took the ' save me ' thing too far . the Count bows to noone for help.... i take back my word :D.

Ravi Teja Synti said...

ah, I'm not rich yet, but I guess I will be in a year :D :P

I know What u did last summer!!
i mean, i know ur name. u ARE Ravi :D... Popat :P

nice poem :P
it's a competition between u and Aggie as to who gets 100 ;) :P

A cafe na, it's totaly fine with me. As long as it's not alcohol :P :)
I come loaded, u come empty.
I empty my pockets, u load up ur stomach :D
thus balance in world is maintained

Mech? nice.... u can do Robot stuff :P
hey, seen Transformers?? U can edit all our bikes so they can become planes and fly away :P :D

oh, VNIT isnt good? why so?

ah, I dont know the first thing abt capitalizing n all, unless u mean CAPITALIZING :P

i guessed it's a music, but what's it's speciality? i mean, trademark signature

@BF and Deng
ohya i love a little of bio too. Genetics, cloning, neuroscience, etc
fascinating stuff

"The holes filled up. I didnt know that would happen so quickly."
hehe, maybe u hav Wolverine's powers :P :P

Colin Firth, born in 1960???
He's still hot kya? OMG :P

@The Count
wow!! Black and metal are in ur very blood! :P :P
And ur btech degree is making u moooore metallic! :D

satanic, sadistic themes? :|
like gothic stuff?? singers with every unimaginable part of their body pierced and all that wacko stuff? O_o

hehe, 'The Count' was on his knees, begging, for a moment :P cha, Where was my camera when i needed it!! :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...


8+1 = 9
9*9 = 81 !!

I stole a coool number!! B-) :P

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Why's this thing stuck at 81? We have to reach 100, savvy?


@ Spidey : What did I do last summer? And eh? Yes. I'm Popat. Ravi Popat. :)

Lets see. (evil expression across entire face. evil smile too.) ;)

Dude. Hard Rock Cafe. Not any cafe. And will beer do? Beer will do, wont it?

Saw Transformers-II. Hated it. :| Sheer shit. Loved Fox though. And oh! The bikes! Droolworthy bikes and droolworthy Fox.

As for black metal, here's a video of a song by Behemoth, a black metal band.


No offense though.

And yup. I might be having Wolverine powers. :)

@ Weasel : Lets fight for 100.

I want Capt. Underpants! U can have Into The Wild. This book's dope btw. :) Amazing.

@ Count Grishnackh : U growl man. Ur growl's awesome. I wish I had that audio of u growling. Would have fetched a thousand hits on our DC, eh? :P

Blue~Flame said...

@Deng: You just wrote an entire comment, without mentioning me! Cutty. I no talk!

@Spidey: No alcohol fine with me!

And Everybody likes genetics, neuroscience and forensics all shit till they have to memorize the 30,000 enzymes that are mating with it.
You just wait, till you see my notes1 Mag loves bio too, ask her!

Blue~Flame said...

Ok, guys, my blog - to bless Ag and Dharini.
Come on, move it!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ BF : Aww. I wrote an entire comment with 80% "@ BF". U didnt see that. :| And u didnt come then. Now I no talk. :|+:|

Not even beer? (sob sob)

Ravi Teja Synti said...

"Popat. Ravi Popat"
"Bond. James Bond" :D

Beer, I tasted it a bit before.. u guys can enjoy, I dont mind :P

oh, i wanted to go to Imax and see transformers.... the gfx rock na?

haha, well yeah, as long as dont get into the details, evrything is fine :)

Aggie M said...

Guess who's back.
with a serious case of itchy fingers.
this goes to 100. Its personal now :)
@Spidey: This Hard Rock thing has not been mentioned in context of the weasel. it shall henceforth.
beer. non-beer. anything will do.
@BF: MUCHI!! we saw HP :D
and McD. thou art a rock!
@Deng: We are so swapping!!
2 capn u's!!
one is an extra crunchy book of fun :D

Aggie M said...

GRE is oooverr :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

@ Spidey : Yeah. That way. Popat. Ravi Popat. And this too : Deng. Deng-Deng. :P

U didnt like beer? Funny. :D

I watched Transformers-II. The graphics are good alright. But there's no story-line. And the action too gets on ur nerves after a while. Its gets very repetitive.

@ Weasel : 1560!

All hail Weasel King! People, lets kneel in respect.

Yeah. I want them. :)

@ BF : Oi!

And The Count has fallen. Rejoice!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

I want 90.

And I got it. :)

Aggie M said...

awesome number.
Spidey doesn't need beer. He's max happy ALL the time :D
I like the ring of 91 too.
Actually, I like any kind of 9something.
I got the Rugrats book too :D

Aggie M said...

92 is nice too.
Mom made me have oats this morning.
Like a common pack animal.
Oats! URGH

William Deng-Deng K. said...

All 90s are awesome then. There.

But the race for 100 is still on.

Oats. Yuck!! Sucks!

What's Rugrats?

William Deng-Deng K. said...

U're online! Lets take this till 100, shall we? :)

At the crack of noon, thou shalt reach 100. :D

agnes said...

rugrats is this awesome cartoon on Nick.
About babies. its pretty funny.
Nick had awesome shows. CatDog legends of the hidden temple.
Oats. Puke.

Aggie M said...

Suchi's coming over to my place right now :D
Have a very bad cam print of ice age 3.
Dont wanna watch.
McDonalds has ice age happy meal toys.
Crave :|

Aggie M said...

Has the crack of noon thing happened yet?
Im too lazy to turn my head and look at the clock.
lets see who gets 100 :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Okay. Aneetheeng cartooneesh and comeeceesh ees welcome. Those crocs rock! Esp, Father-croc! PBS! U have those?

We have a big huge can of oats at our place. Dad eats. Dad loves. Me hates. Me keeps away.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

I heard Ice-Age is cool! Ah. Cool. Indeed. :D

Those toys are awesome! I had a Monsters Inc toy. Mike. That green dude. Someone stole it. :| But that was ages ago. So I'm over it now. :)

BF's coming over? Haffun!

Aggie M said...

I want the book now. I read it in the paper every morning :)
Why do adults like bad tasting stuff?
do their taste buds desensitize as they age?
how pathetic.

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Ah. I first thought of letting u take 100. But then, it's 100 afterall. So. HA!


William Deng-Deng K. said...



U took 100!!!!!!


Aggie M said...

Joy to the world!
weasel reporting live from this side of 100 :D
Lots of icecream to:
Blue Flame, Deng. Spidey, Count,Sharan.

Aggie M said...

I did!!
i win this :D
i mean come on, its 100!!

Aggie M said...

100 has a reference to pearls before swine :)

William Deng-Deng K. said...

I'm still all tears. But well, 100!


Raise ur hands! And PBS in it! Can it get any cooler!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

Plus, are u reading about the The Great Chicken Rebellion in PBS? So fucking hilarious. And the chickens! OMG!

William Deng-Deng K. said...

aka The Chicken Farm Fiasco. :)

Blue~Flame said...

I'm seriously mad at everybody.
I'm reporting from Mag's place right now.
Just caught Angels n Demons. yawn.

Ravi Teja Synti said...

well, the two ppl most desperate for 100 fought it out eh :)

wow, mag and suchi, enjoying huh., playing that little doll dressing fashion game? :P :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...

@ Aggie
i used to see rugrats looooooooooong ago when i still had tv in our house
vaguely remember it was fun

@ Deng,
i thot evry1 agreed on the fact that booze sucks in taste. it's just that u get used to it , i guess :)
i tasted 1 sip of beer in my whole life :P

Ravi Teja Synti said...



I am the Chosen ONE! ;) :P

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever. http://bit.ly/bllhx1