Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lessons in humbility :)

Some words should be allowed into the fray I think. Humbility. Rolls off nicely :)

Also, lessons in How Not To Be A Narcissistic Bitch And Avoid Searches of Your Own Name Thus Saving Life From Being Scarred And Traumatic 101 by Professor Agnes Mendonca (duly shaken and much scarred herself )

You never know what you'll find lurking out there. Sigh


Shweta said...


All that's left is for you to go to UTexas now.

Blue~Flame said...

That was going to be my post!
You stole it from me!

Blue~Flame said...
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Sharanya said...

Urban Dictionary *shakes head*

Ps: Look up the Bombay entries under that thing. Even I, a student of (sometimes) erotic literature, blushed to my bones.

SSD said...

Does it affect humans as well? Then the VNIT pigs and cows are in great danger!