Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sulky Butterflies

"When you're happy, you notice butterflies"
- Vivek Vattipalli

He's right. They keep fluttering about, but you really notice them only when you're tripping on some random happy thought.
Of which there aren't too many these days.

What sticks significantly in my craw is the college administration and its narrow minded bigoted existence. It takes 30,000 kinds of varied shit for you to wake up and see that things around you are extremely unfair, mightily annoying and very stifling for general human rights. I wish I was one of those people who knew exactly what to do and how to shake a few people sadly places in positions of authority. Sadly, this is not a movie and I don't have the benefit of a background score and stunning oratorical prowess.

Running away to Goa in a week. This is what last sems are for. Friends, tequila and beaches. let's admit it, things are only about to suck a lot more from this point onward.

In the meantime, I will shut my cynical little brain down. If you need a little radiance in life I suggest:
2. Ginger tea
5. Cadbury Flakes :)


Shweta said...

Hm? You're talking about this?

Anonymous said...

I have an exam to write in about 4 hours, and I was a dismal, growling, pessimistic puppy until I read this. Thank you for writing, Aggie.


Blue~Flame said...

Did me mention that me loves you? Yes me did,yesterday wasn't it? :)
See, it's all going to be fine. Tequila will drown everything out and then you'll come here and we'll have this muchi-maggie marathon and then you'll go back and suffer for a couple pf months, and then baby we're ouuta here!
Smile!! :D

Aggie M said...

@shwetu: No i wasn't actually. More about the blatant despotic regime in my own insti. Life is a bummer here.
@Sharan: that Lolita cover!! I cannot get over it. Im too scared to comment on your tumblr thing :|
@Muchi: Dude, we're so gone :D
Im coming. Soon. Very SOon

SSD said...

You can say that again :)

Vivek said...

when did i say that?!