Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair and there.

So, why weren't you blogging all this while?

My ass wasn't comfortable enough. To sit down, stare suspiciously at space, balance a cup of coffee and a lap top, potter about online and type. See all that multitasking? The least one can ask is for a warm, soft place to park your rear end.

Which I found in a purple bean bag. The pride and joy of my life right now.

Extremities taken care off, I'll bugger off to the significant aspects of life here. The flora, the fauna and all that they get tipsy on. What's life like here. I wish some of you were and then we could collectively ignore that question.

But like, America, OOH. For an unashamedly consumerist capitalist pig like me, there are big, shiny, vastly pointless and amazing things to possess. Colored, flavored bubbles for your bath, sleek i phones everywhere, purple velvet bean bags, you get the bright glitzy picture.

Ah, sensory overload. I must stop hyper ventilating like this. There is so much to say here. Convey the whole concept of Big. Which is everything here. Classes, people, portions, cars, bikes, the sky.

I feel like I'm on a new planet where a whole new vista called the sky has opened up. I swear, the scales are completely off. The sky stretches endlessly here. In perfect blue. Swept with puffy white/soft golden/neon pink clouds all the time. Like outrageous bits of beauty wantonly strewn on an endless canvas. You learn a whole new landscape that never heard of heat and dust.

In between missing regular food and the mindless calories I eat here. In between calculating the in's and out's of thermodynamics. In the vast aisles of 2 gianormus libraries surrounded by what feels like the combined output of all the world's printing presses(where Sandman lies next to Chaucer and the New Yorker). With slow cups of coffee on sheltered windows. On park benches, worrying three sets of complicated equations. This is when life creeps up on me.

Univ is different. The relentless pursuit of knowledge for starters. I was awed at how much they want us to study here, and how undergrad at VNIT stamped the last bits of that out of me. I'm wondering if all this cross referencing and endless comparison between two lives is right, but try stopping :)


S said...


For an unashamedly consumerist capitalist pig like me, there are big, shiny, vastly pointless and amazing things to possess..

Aren't you as funny as ever? They must love you there. I hope they give you back to us.


Such! said...

@S: You could tell me directly you know.

@Mag: I know. but Boston is a whole diff experience, the architecture, the old gothic feeling, the magnificence of it..

Count Grishnackh said...

Loved the part 'Everything is BIG out here' :D. But srsly, starting from something as simple as a coffee or a pizza slice to the size of the vehicles, everything is so incredibly HUGE by our Indian standards :). Glad to know Flo is treating you well. And enjoy as much as you can till your thesis work starts off :P.