Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rubber Duckie

Today, we performed the Fourier transform of a rubber duck in class.

I think this is one of my favorite equations, now that I see in every class, and in every wave.

Wtf man, the body snatchers are at work.
Even though I love this blog to bits, I've given up coffee which has sapped me of the will to live, let alone write.
Shwetu might be coming here, which makes me furiously happy. Fist in the air, whee sounds etc :)

I'm a little stuck here. Also, I've learnt to cook, crochet and clean cupboards. I'm somebody's grandmother :|

It's fun dating a superhero; one has to keep up.

Over and out,


JayJ said...

Given up coffee? ...Why??!!!

and about the grannie bit.. With that name, it was inevitable.. ;)

Aggie M said...

See na, where the brain cells when I was named :)
*in quavery old-person voice* let me feed you some prunes while you watch me knit.

S said...

Dating a superhero whatttt is he a metaphor or?

Aggie M said...

How much I miss you! :|
Will i ever kid about a superhero? Have you not seen me go on about Captain Underpants? :)