Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And another thing.

Sharan makes me feel as if I'm in the wrong life. She is among other things the reason I believe in alternate universes. There has to be another me that doesn't care deeply about kinetic isotope effects and their repercussions.
I feel so terribly bad for all those alter-we's that we shed somewhere along the way. And that I hadn't devoured Philip Pullman during those years when my three brain cells were growing.
Things are madly out of control on the work front. Somewhere, Murphy is smirking quietly. Kill me if I write about the weather.

Eeks, where's my mojo?

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S said...

What, what, what did I do! I have a feeling it's a good thing, worrying as it may sound :P Alternate universes do exist. Sometimes they consist of nothing but green necked ducks and lots of dandelions floating about on a cold sunshiny day.

If that makes any sense. I think I've been spending too much time on the grass.

I love you, Agginess.