Saturday, March 17, 2012


Is a book by Mary Roach on the science behind sex. And how studying it has been awkward for researches over the decade. As someone whose life has been taken over by scientific pursuits lately, i can understand how research can become consuming and how these brave men and women might have felt.On the subject of Roach herself, I am a devoted fan for life.She is hilarious and methodical and I could read her for days on end.
One of those pleasant interludes in life has just occurred. Where work has let up a little bit leaving space in my frazzled brain for some ruminations on the rain, coffee and the right book. Sometimes, I want to pick everyone who matters to me and have them read what I am presently reading so that we can then discuss the book for hours. I am deeply starved here :|
It's summer here too. The butterflies are out in fluttery droves and girls are walking by in breezy dresses. The sun is bright and everything is distorted with too much colour.


Dharini said...

Me too. I feel like forcing someone I know to read something, just so that they can experience it too :) Please read 'The thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet' if you haven't already. Before my little brain leaks out its awesomeness!

Aggie M said...

I've read that! :)
It's so good. I thought he'd never do better than Cloud Atlas.

Mike said...

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