Thursday, April 19, 2012


When in doubt, stick to the weather.Humid enough here to see some fish swimming mid air. And stiflingly hot. Apparently, flowers love this maddening dampness because they are positively thriving. I've been stalking JKR now that a new book is in the offing. I like her on so many levels and having personally moved past Harry Potter, I want to see what else she can write. I'm not outraged by how normal and placid this new book seems; these unhurried books have a lot going for them in terms of how much time they spend developing each character. Now that I've stopped worshiping at the alter of Harry, I can read views from the Dark Side without raging. Like this for instance:

What they(the Harry Potter books) lack is any feel for language, character and – crucially for a children’s book – the unexpected weirdness you find in, say, Alice in Wonderland. I’ve always thought that Lewis Carroll and JK Rowling were each other's polar opposites in children’s writing. The Alice books are riddling, disturbing, unexpected and memorable with a relish for language that means you can still recite whole passages from memory years after reading them. Rowling’s magic is logical and plodding (much like her prose: can anyone honestly say they can quote one line?) and the pleasure her stories give is similar to putting together a jigsaw that eventually forms a clear picture.
I almost agree with this. JKR's wonderfully complex world doesn't bog you down and her plotlines so awesomely intricate. But what's the nonsense about quoting lines? I'll quote one word "Always". And plodding? Her language is so alive and snarky. 

New object of affection: China Mieville, for starting his own frickin genre of fiction which I've been waiting all my life to read. I'm reading Kraken right now. The City& The City are next.

We're going to Disney for the weekend. Where I've been promised some severe sensory overload comas. I find myself not caring much for the fireworks or the animatronics and other such blah. I'm going solely for the Monster's Inc ride.


Sharan said...

YESSSSS I know exactly how you feel bout the JKR criticism. Not spectacular writing, YES for plot but goddammit we've all grown up quoting lines!

Monsters Inc. is my favouritest Disney/Pixar movie. Favouritest. You must tell me about the ride Aggie.

I was wilting, then it started to rain.

Aggie M said...

She's just awesome and she wrote something great. And apparently some people just can't live with it.

Monster's Inc is the best. EVER! Turns out it wasn't a ride but a comedy show hosted by Mike. It had Roz and it was so hilarious. And Boo was in the parade. She was so cute that I just wanted to die.

Rains. I miss them fiercely much.
Did you get my parcel? I sent it ages ago :(

SSD said...

If you like fantasy, read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. It is fantastic. George RR Martin is easily one of the best storytellers in this century.