Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aaj jaane ki zid na karo :)

Urk, so many things to write about!

First off, Sharan, Happy Birthday :D I don't care how late it is. I'm sending you those vibes of awesomeness and imaginary books to make your day. And of course, commiserations on age collectively catching up with us.


I'm back in Bombay and well, I'm so damn happy  :) How rare is that emotion on this rather whiny blog? This time around, I want to see Bombay for the brilliant city that it is. I've realised that being so close to it for most of my life, I've never explored it the way it deserves to be seen. Of course, I want the easy way out here. Idle Christmas wish that someone would take me around and show me their version of the city. Their favorite shop, nooks and crannies that only they know of, spots where they saw celebrities. My knowledge of Bombay is limited to Marine Drive at night.

Things I missed this last year and that hit me this lazy Sunday afternoon:
1. The Sunday Express. I have always loved the Indian Express and they outdo themselves on Sunday. Bliss to read it cover to cover and then start in the Eye.
2. Swampy creek smells from the creek. Yep, even that salty tang can be missed if you've grown up with it.
3. Garlic chicken manchurian. Indo-Chinese, you know not what you have done for my grilled chicken weary heart.
4. Those auto drivers who will not speak a word. No, they will not. Ask, beg, bhaiyaa, Hill road please, and no, they will stare stoically ahead and drive on. When did they decide to dispense with words like this?
5. Cheap footwear in all colors of the rainbow. And every possible non-rainbow fluorescent-y color too.
6. Jobless lounging on the couch. Actually taking a break. Leisure, I really missed you :|


India's other face is terrorizing this time and I'm sure that my rage about recent incidents has been written about by more competent people. I suck at writing about things that are on my mind constantly. But well, I feel terribly angry and helpless and I have to make this stab at writing about it. I hate it when people say stuff about the victim's "optimism to live". WTF is wrong with yall? She's not just going to keel over and die because this happened to her.


Right, lots of disconnected things there.

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Sharan said...

YOU REMEMBERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!! even belated wishes matter so much. i love you aggie. please eat lots of butter chicken and let your hair blow in the local trains wind.