Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cards against Humanity

We got some in the mail today. It is a very funny game to play, especially when you are completely done playing nice :) Like Apples to Apples for the 20 something of today. Download this rightaway :)You'll love it if you never saw the point of Monopoly.
Anyway,this is the annual birthday post for that shining star of humanity, Suchi, who has turned an undiscolosed age again this year. May her hair continue to dazzle us and may Garnier forever burn for losing out on her.
As always, I had an exam chasing me on the 7th and she had work related miseries to deal with. We had a long conversation about books. Same shit, different year.
This time, I upgraded my gift to a Kindle gift card. I've always loved gifting books since you can steal them right back from people for a nice long read without worrying about shelf space.
Ennui, that is the word of the day.


Such! said...

garnier is too pedestrian for me now.
i love you. will loan you all my kindle books soon. :)

Dharini said...

Ooh, I love cards against humanity! It's super hilarious :D

Sharan said...

if suchi doesn't use garner i will also not use.