Monday, August 26, 2013

Suddenly something

Do men, like their Pokemons, ever evolve?


Since my writing mojo skunked off and died a very noisy death on this blog many aeons ago (I have finally accepted that nothing I do is ever going to quiet, is it ?) , I'm going to try something new today. A picture post. Yes, an iphone entitles one to shamelessly photograph mundane things in astonishing clarity. In HD and Panorama and what not. Being a very garden variety photographer and abhorring Facebook, I want an outlet for some of the pictures that I have taken.
This is where a much abused blog stepped in. Since I can be embarrassingly cloying here, I will go ahead and do that.
So remember how much I detest the American Midewest? It is like Nagpur, only with plumply corn fed girls instead of those flat chested, Scooty riding women. Such a good metaphor there :) But entirely wasted on one who has not faced the rigors of NIT Nagpur.

I blabber.

Anyway, not all is sad and boring here. A year is a long time and I have made many friends, had miserable but fortifying life experiences and sampled some Butter Chicken locally. I seem to have a picture of all these highlights that redeem West Lafayette for me in small ways. Pardon the terrible pictures; I am to photography, what Christopher Paolini was to writing. Cringingly amateurish and heartbreakingly sincere.

1. The best breakfast ever. Has anyone ever made you breakfast at 7 am in the morning on a cold winter morning? And made a Beatles playlist to go with it? I think this sort of thing is the Holy Grail in life.

2. Pigging out in Chicago with these guys :) I have no suitable platform to post, an ahem, selfie on.

3. Lots of flowers that would never grow had only Mother Nature been assisting them. It takes an army of immigrant gardeners to make these ridiculous flowers bloom endlessly. There are also some fearless bunnies inhabiting them.

 4. And if course, this city.


Other than that, graduate school is severely neurosis inducing. 7 months have passed since I stepped into lab and it already feels like I just hit 30. Or some old age like that.

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