Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bee jesus

Been thinking about Jesus in context of culture, a religion I barely follow and how much I like all his ideas about just loving each other, everything said and done.
The way he is portrayed in our world today stymies me a little though. As a Catholic in India, you are exposed to all manner of Christian themed items. From glow-in-the-dark St Michael and candles shaped like body parts that you wish to be healed, one has to take it in one's stride. Turns out, Jesus, in statue and picture form, must suffer many indignities.
My mom wants an "authentic wooden crucifix for our altar where Jesus's face looks serene, not tortured". So of course, I amazoned it, and man, I feel bad for that saintly man. Why must they give him abs? Come on, why? And the entire array of facial expressions is ah, amusing, when it should really not be.
A discussion ensued on the lines of Cross:Jesus body ratios and the exact expression on his face. I want to make my mum happy. This is going to take much touring of religious stores and whatnot.

Turns out the feast of Our Lady and Ganesh Chaturti share a happy congruence this year. The family is partaking of Modaks and that awesome Ginger candy that you only find in Bandra during the fest. Whenever I miss all of these (festivals, family, food), it always originates from somewhere in my suddenly-too-hot-throat and my miserably hollow tummy.

Catholic guilt makes me wonder if that first bit is borderline blasphemy?

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